Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about Nansen Connect? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your questions are not listed here, please contact us via

What is Nansen Connect?

Nansen Connect is a web3 powered messaging tool. Connect is in beta and offers the following features:

• Wallet to wallet messaging using end-to-end encryption

• Gated access to communities based on NFT and token holdings

• Exclusive Nansen groups based on our advanced labels, such as 'Smart Money', 'Millionaire Club' and 'Airdrop Pro'

• Data driven profiles of users including token balances and Nansen labels.

I think I’ve created a duplicate (Lite) account, what do I do?

Existing Nansen users should link their wallet and account via the account management page before continuing to Connect. 

If you have created a duplicate ‘Lite’ account you can follow the below steps to resolve.

1. Go to
2. Login to your main account
3. Select 'connect wallet'
4. Sign the ‘signature request’ from Metamask
5. Sign out of Nansen Connect
6. Log back in to Nansen Connect

If you’re still having issues please contact

How is Nansen Connect different from Discord or Blockscan Chat?

The aim of this app is to be web3 first. This means that users are verified before entry to the app via their wallets. Discord allows anyone to enter and is not based on ownership which in turn can lead to increased spam and noise. And, unlike other web3 connected messaging apps, Nansen Connect is end-to-end encrypted for direct messaging.

Who can I message?

You are able to send a message to any wallet that exists on the ethereum blockchain. However, those wallets will not see messages until they log into Nansen Connect.

If anyone can message me, how can I prevent spam?

You will have the ability to deny or accept any new message request that comes into your inbox. On launch of the Nansen Connect admin and moderation will be manually processed. Nansen will be building up this support as the rollout continues. Please watch this space.

What information is synchronised on blockchain?

While we sync on-chain data to build web3 identity and verify eligibility criteria, all messages sent are stored off-chain.

Are my messages safe and secure?

We have taken many measures to create a safe environment for this community. Direct Messages between two individual wallets are end-to-end encrypted and all users of Nansen Connect are verified before entry to the app via their wallets

How are my messages encrypted and stored?

Direct messages on Connect are end-to-end encrypted. Encryption and decryption happen locally in your browser using an encryption key that is also stored locally. No third party including our servers are able to access a message in a decrypted format.

Why does Metamask ask that I sign two messages?

This creates a link between your Metamask wallet and the Nansen Connect app. Signing the first message allows Nansen verify your ownership of the wallet address and authenticate you in Connect. By signing the second message you are verifying access to your encryption key. No one but you is able to retrieve your encryption keys. This happens entirely off-chain and no transaction happens during this process.

Will I have to always sign two messages on Nansen Connect?

No, you will only have to sign the second message if you:

1. Log out of your account
2. Open Connect in a new browser or a new device
3. Open Connect in an incognito mode

How can I create my own community?

You can request a new community by adding a request here. We are working on an update enabling anyone to create a new community on Connect.

My NFTs are stored in a hardware wallet, can I join Nansen Connect?

Our new encryption method allows you to join your favourite communities on Nansen Connect with your hardware wallet. We will also expand support to other wallet providers in the future.

I've just bought a listed NFT but can't access the app?

Please wait a few minutes to allow the system to update. We are working to make this instant in the future. 

I have the tokens in my wallet, but I can’t join the community?

To join a ERC20 community, you need to make sure that you have the minimum number of tokens required to join a channel.

Why is a channel read-only?

Depending on the channel and its guidelines there may be some restrictions. For example, in the ‘Announcement’ channels only admins can post messages to the wider community. Whereas in a group that you are a full member of, you can post images, text, links, and emojis.

How do I enable Browser Notifications?

You can enable notifications in the Settings menu. This can be accessed by clicking on your PFP.

Note: You may have to enable notifications in your computer if you’re using Mac. You can click on this link and follow the steps.