1. Getting Started with Nansen

This video explains where you can find the dashboards and how to use our tools.

Hey there!

This is video will give a high level tour of Nansen and then show you how to get started. Over on the left, we list the most popular dashboards, including Token God Mode, Smart Money, and Hot Contracts. As a side note, hot contracts is a VIP-only feature so be sure to contact our growth team for more information if you are a standard subscriber who would like to upgrade.

Over at the top corner, we have more dashboards, including our token-specific dashboards, gas tracker for ETH, and token god mode custom. In case you cannot find your token in our regular token god mode dashboard, all you need to do is plug in the token address to TGM custom. You can also request your token be added to our regular TGM dashboard.

Other Nansen features include OTC, which is available for our VIP and Alpha subscribers, and smart alerts which is available to all of our subscribers. As a standard subscriber, you are allowed three smart alert triggers and as a VIP subscriber, you are allowed 100 smart alert triggers.

To help get you started on Nansen, I recommend checking out our youtube channel. On our youtube channel, we have a collection of demos courtesy of our CEO Alex and growth team lead Daniel. Alex and Daniel also host live and interactive office hour sessions once a week. All of these office hours videos are uploaded to our youtube channel. Office hours is intended to teach you how to use Nansen for discovering new opportunities, performing due diligence, and defending your position. If you find the office hours a bit difficult to follow in the beginning, be sure to check out our Nansen 101 videos. Nansen 101 videos are intended to explain the charts, graphs, and other visualizations in our dashboards. We encourage you to look around our dashboards first, and then refer to the Nansen 101 videos when you're unsure about what a dashboard intends to show or how to interpret a graph or chart.

Thanks for watching this video and be sure to subscribe to Nansen's youtube channel so you can get notifications when our office hours go live!

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