9. Introducing Hot Contracts

Our Hot Contracts dashboard is a VIP-only feature that allows you to find opportunities before others.

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Hello Explorer!

This video is going to introduce one of our most coveted VIP features, the hot contracts dashboard.

Hot contracts can be found on both the home page and within the side menu and are a great opportunity for performing the discovery process and finding new opportunities to explore.

The 2 hot contracts tables on the homepage consolidates both Defi and NFT opportunities into one quick reference table either on the Ethereum network or within side chains for the smart money segment.

If you wanted to reduce the noise and partition Defi and NFT opportunities we can click on the heading.

Let's do that now and take a look at each of the tables.

Breaking the tables down we have can see a number of columns all of which can be sorted by highest to lowest.

  • APY details the annual percentage yield
  • Inflows details the amount of flow in USD Typically speaking a green bar with a positive amount details money flowing into the contract whereas a red bar or negative amount details money flowing out of said contract.
  • Over here you can sort by smart money depositors, which allows you to view the contracts with the most smart money depositors within the last day.
  • and finally we have wallets that are depositors or withdrawers that are not classed as Smart Money.

Right clicking on any of the contracts allows you to explore further.

We have linked each of these Defi contracts to wallet profiler, Etherscan or the website.

And for NFTs, we have linked these to NFT God mode, Etherscan or the relevant marketplace.

Using these quick links allows you to answer any questions you may have and perform due diligence to ensure they are legit and worth taking a position.

This dashboard is a great way to find new opportunities. Alex and Daniel frequently pull up this dashboard in their live office hours, so don't forget to attend one of those to see hot contracts in action.

Thanks for watching this video and be sure to subscribe to Nansen's youtube channel so you can get notifications of new videos and when our office hours go live!

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