9. Introducing Hot Contracts

Our Hot Contracts dashboard is a VIP-only feature that allows you to find opportunities before others.

Hey there!

This video is going to introduce one of our most coveted VIP features, which is our hot contracts dashboard.

This dashboard gives you a list of all the smart contracts that were launched within a specific time frame. By default it is set to 7 days, but you can set it to any number of days or hours. This tool is intended to help you find opportunities before others.

Over here you can sort by smart money depositors, which allows you to view the contracts with the most smart money depositors within the last day.

We linked each of these contracts to etherscan. If you click into etherscan, you can copy the contract creators address into wallet profiler to dig deeper into the creator and see if the project may be legit.

This dashboard is a great way to find new opportunities. Alex and Daniel frequently pull up this dashboard in their live office hours, so don't forget to attend one of those to see hot contracts in action.

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