10. Introducing Smart Alerts

Our Smart Alerts feature allows you to create alerts for various events beyond a simple price alert.

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Dear explorer, my name is Dan and welcome to this step by step video about setting up Smart Alerts on Nansen.ai.

By the end of this video, you will have developed an understanding on how how to construct Smart Alerts relevant to the three main investment use cases:

  • Tokens
  • NFT Minting
  • Yields

So before we start, what are Smart Alerts? The purpose of Smart Alerts is to help you with your Discovery process, the starting point of your investment decision.

Instead of spending a lot of time parsing through our Discovery Dashboards looking for a blockchain asset that meets certain criteria, you can set up an alert that will automatically send a message to an app of your choice when those criteria are met. They can also be useful to alert you about a good time to exit an investment proposition that you have entered already.

Please bear in mind that to make use of the functionality shown in this video, you have to be subscribed as a Nansen Standard Trial user or above.

Let’s start with Smart Alerts for token discovery.

As you probably remember from previous videos, we started the Discovery & Due Diligence process for tokens from one of the preview widgets in the Home dashboard. In particular, it was the preview widget of the Token Flows dashboard.

At the moment of making this video, the most acquired token by Smart Money in the last 24 hours is ‘DYDX’

We can right-click on it and choose “Create Smart Alert”. Now, the app will move us to a pre-compiled Smart Alert which can help you with the Discovery part of your process. Here you can see that the Smart Alert is partially precompiled for Token Transfers, for an amount of at least 10 million USD and for the Token ‘DYDX’ This current set up would help you discover further large transactions for that token.

However, the Home dashboard allowed us to discover a specific token that was the one with the most inflows into Smart Money entities in the last 24 hours. In a matter of a few hours, this “most wanted” token is likely to be another one. So, how can we create a Smart Alert to cater for this? What we could do is to remove the token, add Smart Money as a label and potentially, correct the amount to something else.

Even better, if you are a VIP user, you can create Smart Alerts specific to the discovery dashboards exclusive to your subscription type. If you scroll up, you can make the Smart Alert “advanced”. Advanced Smart Alerts work off the aggregated data that Nansen puts together hourly for certain dashboards, rather than single blockchain events. As you can see, the previous filters will give way to dashboard-specific settings. In our case, we are after Token Flows, Smart Money segment. By changing the age (in days) of the token, you can ensure that you keep an eye only on young tokens that are possibly not yet known to a wider audience. You would then decide the minimum amount you want to use to trigger the alert. Note that the main difference here is that these amounts are aggregate amounts. If you where to set one million in the One Day field, the alert would be equally triggered by a single one-million-dollar-transaction or ten hundred-thousand-dollar-transactions that happen in the space of 24 Last hours. The tenth transaction would make the aggregated flow reach one million USD and therefore trigger your alert by the next hour, when the calculation on the aggregated data is run again. To finish, remember that the time-span fields are considered with an AND logic. If you put a value in each, all three conditions will have to be satisfied for the alert to be triggered. We would therefore recommend creating three separate alerts, one for each time-span, with an inflow amount that makes sense for each of them.

Now, whether you went for the Simple Smart Alert specific to the token, the Simple one for Smart Money or the Advanced one for Smart Money Token Flows, give a name to your Smart Alert. Then, insert a link to either Telegram, Discord, Slack or a custom web hook and save it, to start enjoying it straight away! You can find helpful step-by-step guides to doing this in the video description.

Our second Investment Use Case that is part of this series of videos is the one of NFT minting. So, we can go to NFT Paradise and to the Mint Master tab. We can take this collection and right-click it to get Create Smart Alert. The pre-filled Smart Alert has “NFTs only” selected. If you are after Smart Minters, you can select “Minting” as the Event Type and add as many Labels related to Smart Money as you want.

If you are a VIP user, you can enjoy more specific alert settings. By selecting “Advanced” and then “Minting”, you can create a filter that triggers if you have a certain number of minters (or even better, Smart Minters) in a certain time-frame. For instance, you could try to see how many collections have 5 or more different Smart Minters in the space of an hour, or maybe 10 different Smart Minters in the space of 24 hours. Or you could put the address of some of the minters in the Minting Leaderboard and be told whenever they mint an NFT. It is worth mentioning that you’d have to open those minters in NFT Wallet Profiler, copy their address and paste it into the Smart Alert field.

Let’s finish by giving a meaningful name to the alert, inserting an output channel and saving it.

Finally, the investment use case of Yields has the Hot Contract preview widget as our starting point. The prefilled Smart Alert that is offered to Standard users contains the address of that contract and a standard amount of ten thousand USD for transactions. You could improve on this filter by adding Smart Money labels, to see if a certain contract sees more attention from Smart Money. Labels such as Smart LP, Smarter LP, First Mover LP & First Mover Staking would be perfect for this.

However, due to the nature of the Hot Contracts dashboard, an Advanced Smart Alert is needed to truly perform Discovery. VIP users can in fact use the Advanced mode, select Hot Contracts and be notified whenever any contract receives certain amounts of funds or depositors within a certain time-frame. This filter allows to perform true discovery of a possible smart contract for yields because it’s not pre-committed to a specific contract. The setting about the age allows you to ensure that you get only recently created contracts, a bit like for the Advanced Token Flows filter that we have seen before.

Once again, name the alert and save it.

So, to recap, we went through the setup of the Smart Alerts to discover a token, an NFT collection to be minted or a smart contract that can provide yields. By setting up these alerts, you will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your use of Nansen to discover blockchain assets to perform due diligence on. Thanks for watching!

If you would like to learn more about future feature releases please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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