10. Introducing Smart Alerts

Our Smart Alerts feature allows you to create alerts for various events beyond a simple price alert.

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This video will introduce our smart alerts feature. You can set a smart alert to notify you when a specific event occurs. For example, you can create a simple price alert or an alert notify you whenever a specific address creates a new contract. Let me show you what this looks like.

To create a new smart alert, click on "Add Trigger". We have two types of triggers: simple triggers and advanced triggers.

Under simple triggers, you can set a trigger for transactions, contract creations, and token transfers. You can also create a simple price alert. We suggest you make these triggers as specific as possible. To specify when you would like to be notified, be sure to include all relevant characteristics associated with the kind of smart alert you would like to create. For example, you can specify the wallet address, segment, minimum value in USD, wallet labels, and entities. You can choose to include or exclude specific tokens.

Under our advanced triggers, you have the option to set a query for token flows or hot contracts. Again, you have the option to select a segment. You can also specify maximum token age, and minimum inflows within the last hour, day, and week.

Finally, you can choose how you want to receive your smart alert: on telegram, discord, or slack.

You can create 3 smart alerts under the standard subscription and 100 smart alerts under the VIP or Alpha subscription.

For more tips and creative use cases on our smart alerts feature, keep an eye out for new Nansen 101 videos and check out our office hour videos on our Youtube Channel. Thanks for watching this video and don't forget to subscribe to our channel.

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