2. Introducing Token God Mode

Our Token God Mode dashboard allows you to do a deep dive into any specific token.

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This video will introduce our token god mode dashboard. First, select a token. If you cannot find the token you are looking for in our dropdown menu, please refer to our Token God Mode - Custom dashboard. That dashboard will allow you to input the address of any token. For this demo, we're going to use AAVE. So we're going to select AAVE from the dropdown menu, and then click Show Token Summary.

Under the exchanges tab, we show the percentage of the total supply of tokens that are on exchanges. When we say exchanges, we mean both DEXs and centralized exchanges. In the graph to the right, we see this percentage change over time. We can also visualize the number of DEX traders over time.

When we scroll down a bit, the chart to your right lists the top exchanges or most popular exchanges for this token. Binance is currently the most popular exchange for AAVE. We can also view balance changes within the last 7 days. Over to your left, we can see how many tokens are on each of these exchanges over time.

There are a few things going on in our Addresses Transacting with Exchanges graph. The number of depositors, represented in yellow, refers to the number of wallets depositing the token in the exchange. The number of withdrawers, represented in turquoise, refers to the number of wallets withdrawing from the exchange. Depending on the volume of deposits relative to the volume of withdrawals, balance changes can either be positive or negative.

Under notable wallets, we can view balance changes within the last 7 days. By default, this chart is sorted from the greatest to least volume of balance changes. This next chart shows top transactions within the last 7 days sorted with the greatest number of transactions up top. Our top balances chart ranks wallets with the highest balance for this token. Under Top Holders: Balances, we see a colorful graph showing changes in token balances for the top token holders.

Under Hodlers, the token seniority distribution graph shows when different addresses and tokens received their first token. The unique addresses for the token graph shows how many unique addresses have the token over time. This could be interpreted as illustrating the token's popularity over time.

Under Trades, you see the real-time token price, total market cap, and a graph showing token price and DEX trade volume over time. This graph illustrates the number of weekly trades per DEX from October 2020 to the present time. Underneath this graph, we have a list of the latest DEX trades.

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