7. Introducing Token Overlap

The Token Overlap dashboard counts and describes the wallets that hold two tokens.

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Our token overlap dashboard allows you to see how many addresses are holding two different tokens and also give you a bit of insight into who is holding both tokens.

We're using Sushi and Uniswap as an example. Sushi will be token A and Uni will be token B.

Total Holders refers to the total number of wallets holding Sushi, Uni, or both. If you imagine a Venn diagram, this would mean everything within the Venn diagram.

Token Holder Overlap is the number of wallets that hold both Sushi and Uni. So this is the in-between region of your Venn diagram.

Percentage Total Holders is calculated by taking the number of wallets that hold both Sushi and Uni over the number of wallets that hold both or either.

The Percentage Token A refers to the percentage of wallets that hold Sushi that also hold Uni.

The Percentage Token B refers to the percentage of wallets that hold Uni that also hold Sushi.

Our Balances of Overlapping Holders Plot visualizes the Sushi and Uni balances for wallets that hold both tokens.

Using the Balances of Overlapping Holders Table, you can view more granular data. For example, this includes how much Sushi or Uni they actually hold and what percentage of their wallet is Sushi or Uni. By clicking on the name of the entity, you can go directly to their wallet profiler page.

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