4. Introducing Wallet Profiler for Token

Our Wallet Profiler for Token dashboard analyzes interactions between an individual wallet and a specific token.

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Hey there Explorer, it’s Dan here and in this video we will take a high level look at Wallet profiler for token. Wallet profiler for token provides you with the information to examine a specific wallet address in respect to a particular token.

By the end of this video we will have covered the dashboard as a whole with a particular focus on the following tabs

  • Wallet profiler for token
  • Top Depositors
  • Top Recipients

Access Wallet Profiler for Token

There are a number of ways we can access Wallet Profiler for Token, either via Token God Mode and right clicking on Wallet Profiler for Token, or via the home screen, selecting the diligence dropdown on the left and selecting it from the menu.

For this video we will access it via the homepage.

Now that we have selected wallet profiler for token, we will be required to input a wallet address and select a token. For this video we will be looking at a random wallet labelled Smart ‘Dex Trader’ and using ‘Wrapped Ether’ as our token. Once you have done this select ‘Show summary’

We now have our populated dashboard. We can change the wallet address or token here if we wanted.

Wallet Profiler For Token

The four panels on top of this section provides information on the wallet and the token respectively. The two panels on the left describes this wallet’s name and its label by Nansen.The two panels on the right shows the wallet’s current balance of the specific token and the time the wallet first received this token.

The Token balance over time with historical price chart shows the price trend of the token versus the trend of the wallet’s token balance. By inspecting this chart you can have an intuitive idea of the correlations between price and holdings for this wallet.

‘Largest Token Transactions’ lists out the large token transactions involving this wallet. The users can also view more transaction details by using the direct link to Etherscan here, or as a VIP or Alpha member you can use the filter to focus on a specific amount of token movement, time frame, or counter-party.

Top Depositors

The ‘top depositors’ section has a simple structure, showing the total number of addresses that deposit (i.e. send token) to this wallet alongside the total amount of incoming funds from the top addresses shown in the legend.

The table to the bottom lists out the addresses that have sent the most tokens to this wallet address, along with relevant transaction details. Any of these columns can be sorted to suit your need.

Top Recipients

The ‘top recipients’ tab is similar to ‘top depositors’ tab but instead of depositing said token into this wallet address these are the wallet addresses that are set to receive the token from this wallet address. Again, we have a series of columns to sort, and as VIP or Alpha users you can use the filters to focus on specific areas of interest.

It is worth noting that for either the ‘top recipients’ or the aforementioned ‘top depositor’ dashboards we can dig down another level and use the wallet pair profiler link on the right to investigate further the individual interaction between these two wallets. We cover this in more detail in a later video.


So there we have it, we have explored Wallet profile for token and focused on, in particular,the following tabs…

  • Wallet Profile for Token
  • Top Depositors
  • Top Recipients

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