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Why Nansen OTC?

Traders face several challenges when making large token trades:

  • Liquidity is poor, causing high slippage when buying or selling

  • When making transactions on a DEX, trades are exposed to anyone monitoring on-chain data
  • You likely won't have access to the best fee structure at OTC desks as an individual trader or small/medium-sized fund

We created Nansen OTC to solve these problems for large token traders.With Nansen OTC, you simply request a quote to buy or sell tokens. If we find a match in our network, we put you directly in touch with the counterparty to settle the trade. Next time you're making a large token trade, make sure you request a quote via Nansen OTC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to conduct KYC?
Does Nansen settle the transaction?
How is this more private than a DEX?
Will Nansen track my trade?
Is this feature available to all Nansen users?
Is there a minimum size per trade?
Does Nansen make money from these OTC trades?
What data is shared, and with whom?
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