8. Introducing ETH Tracker

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Hey there!

Our ETH Tracker dashboard is intended to give you an overview of ETH balances, on-chain volumes, and transactions.

This graph on the left shows you the ETH balance on some of the most popular exchanges. For example, the ETH balance on Coinbase is around 8.4 million. The ETH exchange flow graph on the right illustrates net ETH inflows over time. Net ETH inflows refer to the volume of ETH coming into the exchange less the volume of ETH going out of the exchange.

This colorful graph below shows on chain ETH flow volume over time for specific exchanges like Uniswap, Binance, Sushi Swap, etc. You can see that generally these exchanges seem to follow a similar pattern over time.

Under Ethereum contracts, we have a bar graph illustrating the number of different types of contracts deployed each month. So for example, we had about 166K ChiToken contracts deployed last month, March 2021. This month, we've had about 270 Chitoken contracts deployed thus far.

Under Notable Wallets and Transactions, we see the top ETH transactions within the last 7 days and we also the see the addresses with the highest ETH volume within the last 7 days. And then our last chart on this dashboard is top ETH balances, which is exactly what it sounds like, it ranks the wallet addresses with the highest ETH balances.

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