8. Introducing ETH Tracker

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Hey there!

Our ETH Tracker dashboard is intended to give you an overview of ETH balances, on-chain volumes, and transactions.

Under ETH on Exchanges, we see that the total amount of ETH on exchanges is 25.2 million. When we say exchanges, we are including both decentralized and centralized exchanges. This colorful pie chart breaks down the percentage of total ETH on various exchanges. For example, 33% of ETH is on Coinbase and 22% of ETH is on Binance.

The ETH Exchange Flow graph illustrates net ETH inflows over time. Net ETH inflows refer to the volume of ETH coming into the exchange less the volume of ETH going out of the exchange. So if the bar is red, that means there is more ETH coming into the exchange. When the bar is green, then there is more ETH going out of the exchange.

This chart shows on chain ETH flow volume over time for specific exchanges like Uniswap, Binance, Sushi Swap, etc. You can see that generally these exchanges seem to follow a similar pattern over time.

Under Ethereum Contracts, we have a bar graph illustrating the number of different types of contracts deployed each month.

Under Notable Wallets and Transactions, we have a chart listing top transactions within the last 7 days. By default, this is sorted with the highest volume of transactions up top. This next chart ranks wallets with the highest volume of ETH within the last 7 days. This last chart ranks wallets with the highest ETH balance.

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