6. Introducing Token Flows

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Hey there!

This video will introduce our token flows dashboard.

Under the token to and from smart money chart, you can view which tokens are coming in and out of smart money wallets. We are showing the inflows/outflows within the last hour, day, and week. For example, around 1.4 million dollars of SUSHI flowed into smart money wallets within the last day. Over here, we show the number of smart money wallets that have interacted with the token within the last hour, day, and week.

The token to and from the exchanges chart shows token balances going into and coming out of exchanges. For example, around 3.8 million dollars of SUSHI has flowed into exchanges within the last hour. Just like we saw in the smart money token flows chart, we can also sort by inflows and outflows within the last hour, day, or week.

Thanks for watching our video on the Token Flows dashboard and don't forget to hit subscribe on Nansen's YouTube Channel.

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