4. Introducing Wallet Profiler for Token

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Hey there!

The wallet profiler for token dashboard is used to analyze the interactions between an individual wallet and a specific token.

Don't forget to plug in the wallet address and token symbol up here on the right corner.

This dashboard will show you the current token balance in this wallet, and when the token was first received. The graph below shows the wallet's token balance over time. To the left, you may a list of labels for this particular wallet address just like we see in wallet profiler.

The two pie graphs depict the incoming and outgoing token funds for this particular wallet. For example, 100% of the tokens for this wallet come from Alameda OTC and 18% of the tokens coming out of this wallet go to Binance.

The chart below shows this wallet's largest transactions while using this token. The chart shows token volume, if the token is flowing in or out, the counterparty, and when the transaction occurred.

Thanks for joining me in this video and we hope to see you in our next video on our Stablecoin Master dashboard.

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