4. Introducing Wallet Profiler for Token

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Hey there!

The wallet profiler for token dashboard is used to analyze the interactions between an individual wallet and a specific token.

First, we plug in a wallet address and then select a token.

This dashboard will show you the current token balance in this wallet, and when the token was first received. The graph below shows the wallet's token balance over time.

Scrolling down, we have two pie graphs depicting the incoming and outgoing token funds for this particular wallet. Incoming token funds refers to where the tokens are coming from and then outgoing token funds refers to where the tokens are going when they flow out of this address.

This is the number of recipients that have received this token from this address. And this is the number of senders that have sent this token to this address.

The chart below shows this wallet's largest transactions while using this token. The chart shows token volume, the counterparty, and when the transaction occurred. We also included a link to etherscan for each transaction.

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