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Nansen analyzes 90M+ labeled Ethereum wallets and their activity.
So you can separate the signal from the noise in blockchain data.
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"Nansen is my go-to tool for crypto analytics because it uniquely combines on-chain data with a rich wallet database. Simply put, I do not make investment decisions without consulting it first."

- Spencer Noon
Head of investments, DTC capital

"Nansen is absolutely epic! An indispensable tool to identify which token is being accumulated and which is being distributed. I no longer buy or hold crypto assets without it. But warning, Nansen may be addictive!"

-Marco L.

On-Chain Data, With Real-World Context

3. So you can stay one step ahead

Users consult Nansen before making their investment decisions.

2. Present the important

Dashboards let you see exactly what’s happening, requiring no technical knowledge.

1. We ingest massive datasets

Billions of on-chain data points, millions of wallet labels, thousands of entities.

Unique insights into exchange flows

Nansen in Action

Nansen ETH Balance chart

Discover New Opportunities

90M+ labeled wallets give you the full context you need to understand the flow of ETH, stablecoins, and tokens. With Nansen you get an executive summary of where funds are moving. And if you want details, you can trace transactions down to the most granular level.

Nansen Token balances vs Dex trader chart

Conduct Due Diligence

Nansen tracks exchanges, token teams, and funds, which means you can see exactly which entities are accumulating - or selling off - a specific token. Token metrics on usage, engagement, and liquidity are available so you can make informed decisions before investing in a new token.

Nansen Kyber KNC Burn ROI chart

Defend with Smart Alerts

Smart alerts notify you when a specific event occurs - putting you in the know before anyone else. For example, you can create a simple price alert when a ‘Smart Money’ address has done a token trade or movement into or out of a contract over a specified size.

Nansen Time of the day Chart

Explore New Projects

Cross chain analytics - presented the right way. Nansen gives you the tools to find signals that may otherwise be unknown. Our combination of multi-chain data and labeled addresses is incredibly powerful in understanding the complex blockchain world.

Checkout out project dashboards Lido or Polygon

Trusted By Top Media Sites

Nansen mentioned Decrypt logo

"We tracked 133,000 Ethereum names and exposed their secrets"

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"How Bitcoin paved the way for FAA(N)G’s foray into the final"
frontier – Finance

AMB Crypto
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"The Data Science DAO and On-Chain Trends"


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June 25, 2021

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