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The most powerful version of Nansen yet for on-chain investors. Now faster. Smarter. More intuitive.
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Navigate Fast

Search, explore, and find what you need all in one place. Type the name of your desired token, wallet or entity. Effortlessly navigate through dashboards and apply filters to show only the data you want to see.

Less Noise. More Signal

Get unique on-chain events delivered to your homepage as they happen. Using machine learning, our team of in-house experts has curated relevant market data that matters most to you.

Make Decisions with Precision

Smart Segments is a powerful feature that enables you to set conditions and group wallets to highlight their on-chain movements. Easily filter and zero in on your chosen wallets to empower your decision-making process.

Your Nansen, Your Rules

Customization is now easier than ever. With our new user-friendly design, add, reorder and remove existing widgets to your personal dashboard.

Loved by the smartest investors and teams in crypto

Nansen 2 adds more to the invaluable insights into blockchain data. Their super easy interface and in-depth analysis upgrades help to make informed decisions with confidence. The team behind Nansen 2 is truly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of on-chain analytics.

Wes Cowan
Mike Damazo

Nansen 2 allows me to get smart money data way faster than before, and there are tons of new features to sort and find more granular data.

Nansen 2 stands out as an all-in-one solution in the world of blockchain analytics. In an era of fragmented on-chain analytics tools, Nansen 2 shines as a unified platform that transcends its counterparts.

I'm thrilled about Nansen 2, which is set to elevate my game. I'm also eagerly looking forward to taking full advantage of Market Signals, which will enable me to leverage on-chain anomalies to enhance my strategies. The team has shared some very exciting features they're adding as well. So I can't wait to get my hands on Nansen 2 in all its glory.

Wes Cowan
Altcoin Monk

Nansen is our go-to analytical platform when conducting on-chain research. The extensive wallet labeling and tools such as the Smart Alerts feature are essential in being on top of real-time flows, which is important for a trading fund like ours.

Wes Cowan
Isaac & Rick
Orca Global

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Wes Cowan
Andrew Kang

We're just getting started.

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Please note that Nansen 2 is currently in Beta, and we are working hard on making improvements. Spot something that isn’t right? Let us know so we can build the best version of Nansen together.