Smart Alerts: The Ultimate Crypto Alerts for Traders

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Reacting quickly to market trends is vital for success as a crypto investor. Investors who want to succeed in these markets must remain nimble and informed about all the ongoing activities. However, with numerous chains, thousands of applications, and millions of transactions happening on-chain, it’s impossible to keep up to date with everything. Actively monitoring on-chain activity for hours on end is not a luxury every trader has. Setting up alerts on key activities is the most efficient, and often the only, way to stay updated.

In this guide, you’ll learn about Smart Alerts and the value you can get from utilizing them as a trader. 

What Are Smart Alerts and Why Are They Useful

Smart Alerts are customizable alerts that get sent to your Telegram/Discord/Slack. These alerts can be configured by the user and gets triggered whenever an onchain activity that meets the configured conditions occurs. This allows investors to take immediate action in response to the event. 

One example is alerts relating to Smart Money wallets. Investors may have selected a wallet, perhaps one of Nansen’s Smart Money wallets, and want to be aware of the wallet’s actions so that they can engage in copy-trading. Another popular example is alerts set on exchange flows. Large inflows of a token into an exchange is a potential signal of incoming selling pressure. Having alerts set on that can allow you to react quickly to shifting market trends. 

The above cases are simple applications of Smart Alerts. Investors with predetermined criteria can create far more advanced signals, and this article will outline examples.

Types of Smart Alerts

The following section outlines examples of Smart Alerts that investors can create using Nansen. These alerts focus on highlighting notable activity across tokens, NFTs, entities, and even at the Smart Contract level. Investors leveraging crypto alerts on Nansen should take advantage of Nansen’s comprehensive set of labels. This helps provide context about the “who” behind transactions and gives you a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the markets

Token/NFT Transfer

By setting up an alert on token/NFT transfers, you can be notified of any transfers of a particular token/NFT collection that you are interested in. You can further refine the parameters to only trigger when transfers are made between specific addresses or exceed a certain dollar amount.

Smart Money Token Flow

Smart Money token flow alerts get triggered whenever tokens get flows in or out of Smart Money wallets. If you don’t have a particular token in mind, you’re able to set it to trigger for any token above a certain market capitalization, fully diluted valuation or even by the token age. 

Token/NFT Signals

Signals on Nansen surface abnormal spikes in onchain activity across tokens and NFTs. These Signals can be found within the Nansen product or get sent as a Smart Alert. 

Exchange Flows

This alert notifies you of large token flows to and from exchanges. You’re able to configure it for a specific token, or go broad and have it set up for tokens of a certain market capitalization or age. 

Hot Contracts

The Hot Contracts alert identifies smart contracts experiencing a surge in interactions. This helps alert you to popular trading contracts on DEXs, NFT mints, and even yield farming opportunities.

How to Set up Smart Alerts

Setting up Smart Alerts is quick and easy. Simply head to the Smart Alerts feature page, select the alert that you want, fill in the parameters, pick the notification channel (Telegram, Discord, Slack) and you’re done!


Smart Alerts represent a great tool in any investor’s toolkit. Nansen’s inclusion of wallet labels into its smart alerts puts them a grade above the rest, and the customization of alerts allows investors to get highly curated alerts that they care about. Nansen’s onchain analytics tools helps spot investment opportunities, and smart alerts ensure they are actioned as soon as possible- imperative for investors who want to stay ahead.


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