NANSEN Portfolio

One Dashboard for All Your Crypto Holdings

The most comprehensive portfolio tracker in crypto, supporting 45+ chains

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Best Coverage for Blockchains and Protocols

Enjoy unparalleled support for over 45 chains and 400 protocols, with ongoing additions.


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A Holistic View of Your Wallet

Uncover transaction history, historical performance, and comprehensive analytics for your tokens, DeFi positions, and NFTs

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Track Multiple Addresses as a Single Portfolio

Have assets that span across numerous addresses on several blockchains? Simply ceate a portfolio and add as many addresses as you need. Easily monitor all your balances and transactions in one place.

Additionally, you can create multiple portfolios to keep an eye on other addresses of interest.

Transparency For All: Track Exchange Holdings

The collapse of FTX on November 10, 2022, raised concerns about the reserves held by centralized exchanges, leaving customers uncertain about the safety of their funds.

Nansen Portfolio emerged as an effective solution. It consolidates exchange wallet addresses on major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other EVM or non-EVM chains, allowing users to easily track the exchange holdings from a single comprehensive dashboard.

This not only provides crypto traders and investors more visibility into the assets on centralized platforms, but also helps exchanges in building trust and credibility with their communities.

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