Announcing Seed Investment and Data Integration

Announcing Seed Investment and Data Integration

Announcing one of Nansen's first-ever third-party integrations with! This integration will bolster Discovery for yield farmers.

GM Nansen Explorers!

It is with great excitement that we announce one of Nansen’s first-ever third-party data integrations and the latest in our growing list of ecosystem investments with none other than leading DeFi data platform!

To date, Nansen’s platform has been primarily self-built and self-managed, relying mostly on in-house blockchain data. 

Today, that changes with Founded in 2020, the team of 11 has attracted over 70,000 LPs as users of their platform, helping DeFi market makers track over $10 billion TVL across 10 different blockchains. Their mission is to help DeFi investors make confident investment decisions by tracking their entire DeFi transaction portfolio history across all chains. also stands out for the extreme depth of analysis and incorporation of historical data compared to competitor platforms. 

With this integration we will be able to offer users a range of exciting new features devoted to providing both a more holistic view of their holdings as well as emerging opportunities.

In addition to incorporating’s data, we are thrilled to announce that Nansen will also be participating in’s recently-announced seed round! This will add to Nansen’s growing list of early-stage Web3 ecosystem investments.

Integration details

Currently, Nansen’s platform is ideal for enabling users to analyze blockchain data in order to conduct Diligence and Defense. With this integration with, Nansen will be able to offer users a more dynamic Discovery experience as well. 

The initial integration will display APY data in the Nansen Hot Contracts home screen. This will enable users to judge not just the popularity of emerging contracts among Smart Money, but also to evaluate the state of trading fees or liquidity mining rewards. This functionality will initially be available for Ethereum contracts, but will scale to other supported chains – including Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Avalanche – in the future. 

Additionally, in the coming months Nansen will be exploring additional integrations including "sort by yield” search options, wallet profiling and portfolio tracking that includes deposit and earnings data, and a dedicated “DeFi Paradise” section to find the best yields for assets users own. In time, Nansen will emerge as a one stop shop for all DeFi and yield generating Discovery.

Finally, while this is Nansen’s first third-party integration, it won’t be our last as we have another exciting announcement coming soon. Watch this space!

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