Building The Super-App of Web3 With Ape Board

Building The Super-App of Web3 With Ape Board

Nansen Announces The Acquisition of Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracker Ape Board

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Nansen Announces The Acquisition of Multi-Chain Portfolio Tracker Ape Board

Across the Web3 landscape, investors are forced to leverage a cumbersome number of cloistered tools in order to track their holdings and secure a competitive edge. Every day, active users may bounce between a wide range of NFT portfolio trackers, DeFi trackers, block explorers, wallets, bridges, centralized and decentralized services, and labeling and analytics platforms like Nansen – the siloed nature of blockchain data ultimately inhibiting a holistic view of the investment landscape. 

Today, we at Nansen are looking to change that. 

In a keynote presentation at the Permissionless conference in Palm Beach, Nansen CEO Alex Svanevik has announced Nansen’s acquisition of the Ape Board portfolio tracker and DeFi/NFT dashboard service.

Despite latecomer status (founded in March 2021) and the intense competitiveness of the dashboard space, Ape Board has established itself as one of the top 3 portfolio trackers by web traffic volume. Unlike many alternatives which only support EVM-compatible chains, Ape Board has carved out a user base with a focus on multichain and non-EVM portfolio tracking, as evidenced by its current support for Solana and Terra users.

Combining Nansen’s analytics and Ape Board’s portfolio tracking will enable us to take the first step towards establishing a true all-in-one information service – just the start of a series of expansions and feature releases designed to position Nansen as the definitive Information Super-App of Web3.

“We’re aiming to bring all the market intelligence a trader, institution, or business needs under one roof,” said Alex. “With this acquisition, we are paving a path towards becoming the go-to information super-app for all of Web3.”

Integration details

In the coming months Nansen will onboard the Ape Board team and work together to deliver a more holistic view of user holdings with a UI/UX unparalleled by any single platform on the market. 

While Ape Board will remain a free and open product, the integration will drive traffic to Nansen as well as power a range of exciting new features. 

For instance, users will be able to leverage Nansen data to analyze their portfolios compared to Smart Money and whale wallets; track historical performance data; compare portfolios with similar holdings; and even conduct behavioral analysis of their own wallets as well as the wallets of others. 

These are just a few of the new features we plan to offer with Ape Board, and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months!

Looking ahead

According to Ape Board founder Mike Phul, the acquisition will “supercharge” both projects, providing an integrated level of market intelligence unrivaled by any single platform on the market. 

“The combination of these two products is a 1+1=3 moment, or even 1+1=5,” said “It will bring both products to another level that cannot be reached with just one service alone.”

Additionally, at Nansen we have a number of features planned that will expand the platform with social media, OTC trading, Web3, and market research capabilities that will continue to solidify our sector-leading status while simultaneously enabling us to explore new opportunities and verticals. 

There are many data platforms in Web3. Soon, there will be only one that matters. 

Get ahead of the curve and start tracking Smart Money by signing up for Nansen today!


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