EigenLayer, zkEVMs, Analyzing Smart Money and Macro overviews| Weekly Research Roundup (April 3 - 6)

EigenLayer, zkEVMs, Analyzing Smart Money and Macro overviews| Weekly Research Roundup (April 3 - 6)

A deep dive into EigenLayer, zkEVMs, analysis of Smart Money’s profitability, and insights into the current macro environment, all in this week's roundup.

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Gm Nansen Explorers,

We’re publishing this week’s issue out on a Thursday to bring you alpha before the long weekend ahead. Let's dive in!

1. EigenLayer: A New Frontier for ETH Staking and On-Chain Security?

EigenLayer is a modular security provider enabling Ethereum stakers to access additional yield while allowing projects to inherit Ethereum's security. With a broader scope compared to other providers, it aims for interoperability between sovereign Layer-1 chains, secured by protocols like Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC). Jake, Seth, Osgur share their insights on EigenLayer and its potential.

2. Getting Started with zkEVMs: From Testnet to Mainnet

Numerous projects are working on developing different types of zkEVMs to increase Ethereum's scalability. These projects range from Type-1 zkEVMs with slow proof generation to Type-4 zkEVMs with fast proof generation. As more protocols are added, the TVLs of these projects are expected to increase rapidly, further enhancing Ethereum's scalability. Yohji gives us an overview of the hottest zkEVMs and shares tips on maximizing your odds of qualifying for an airdrop.

3. Is Smart Money really Smart?

This report examines how Smart Money movements can predict potential token performance by analyzing historical data, with a focus on narrative-driven, mid-cap, and small-cap tokens. Xin Yi finds that following Smart Money’s footsteps in mid and small-cap tokens can lead to profitability and shares her findings on their activity over the last few months.

4. Dealing with uncertainty

In the coming months, high uncertainty is expected around growth and inflation trajectories due to recent banking turmoils in the US and Europe. Although the most acute phase seems to have passed, navigating the uncertain environment remains a challenge. The next phase in the economic cycle is likely to be a recession, making it difficult to time and benefit from bear market rallies. De-globalization and geopolitical fragmentation also contribute to long-term inflationary implications. Aurelie shares key data points and her thoughts on the current macro environment in this report. 

That's a wrap for this week! We hope you found this content to be valuable and informative. If there's anything you'd like to see in future issues, just let us know. To get notifications on report releases, please follow us on Telegram.

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