4 New Team Members Joining Nansen

4 New Team Members Joining Nansen

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We're thrilled to welcome four new members to the Nansen team.

Note: We're still hiring! If you're a Frontend Developer - check out this job description.

Welcome to the team

Daniel Krupiza, Research Engineer

Daniel has experience in product development and data science, helped building a crypto asset custody platform and holds a master of science in business informatics, where he focused his academic research on blockchain technology. He combines an understanding of smart contracts with an analytical skillset, helping Nansen build heuristics for wallet labels, as well as dashboards for our customers.

Daniel is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Isaac Zu, Operations Manager

Isaac is a crypto-native lawyer with 3+ years experience from finance as well as law firms. He brings his valuable legal experience into a space which constantly offers challenges on regulations and compliance. Isaac now handles everything related to operations at Nansen.

Isaac is based in Singapore.

Daniel Armitage, Head of Growth

Daniel has 4+ years experience ranging from portfolio manager to business intelligence and consulting. He organized the first English-speaking Bitcoin mining conference in China, and has been an active participant in the crypto space in the last few years.

Daniel is based in San Diego, US.

Akshay Ramasubramanian, Research Engineer

Akshay has 5+ years experience as a Software Engineer, primarily working in the crypto space. Most recently, Akshay architected and implemented a Polkadot Parachain for OAX and before that worked on implementing a layer-2 decentralized exchange at OAX . His hands-on experience with cutting-edge blockchain technology makes him another great addition to the Nansen team.

Akshay is based in Hong Kong.

Nansen Co-Founders

Our new team members join the three Nansen co-founders, who since our seed round are now also dedicated full-time to building and growing Nansen.

Evgeny Medvedev, Chief Software Architect

Evgeny is the creator of the popular open-source project Ethereum ETL (and Blockchain ETL more broadly) - which also powers Nansen. He's among the world's leading experts on processing blockchain data, and has 10+ years experience from software engineering.

Evgeny is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Lars Bakke Krogvig, Chief Data Engineer

Lars is an expert at designing and implementing systems for processing large-scale data. Before being lured into the blockchain space, he worked with geo-location data at Unacast. Lars also has experience from consulting in industries such as finance and telecom.

Lars is based in Oslo, Norway.

Alex Svanevik, Chief Executive Officer

Alex has 10+ years experience from data science, management consulting, and crypto. His academic background is in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Alex has previously led teams at larger corporations as well as startups.

Alex is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Here's the full team, with cameo appearances from Mellow (left) and Tokyo (bottom):

You'll find us in our Discord - with usernames from the screenshot above.

Nansen is hiring! If you're a Frontend Developer, check out this position.

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