How EIP-1559 Impacts Ethereum Data

Published on:

August 7, 2021

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With the latest London upgrade on Ethereum, we've introduced corresponding changes in public BigQuery datasets.

New fields:

In `bigquery-public-data.crypto_ethereum.blocks`:

  • `base_fee_per_gas` - Protocol base fee per gas, which can move up or down

In `bigquery-public-data.crypto_ethereum.transactions`:

  • `max_fee_per_gas` - Total fee that covers both base and priority fees
  • `max_priority_fee_per_gas` - Fee given to miners to incentivize them to include the transaction
  • `transaction_type` - Transaction type, for future use    - `receipt_effective_gas_price`  
  • The actual value per gas deducted from the senders account. Replacement of gas_price after EIP-1559

`receipt_effective_gas_price` is backfilled and is equal to gas_price for pre-EIP-1559 transactions. This means that this field can be used in place of gas_price for most purposes. For example if previously to calculate gas cost for a transaction you'd do `receipt_gas_used * gas_price`, now you should do `receipt_gas_used * receipt_effective_gas_price`

However, part of the gas costs is now burnt, so previously `receipt_gas_used * gas_price` would go to the miner, and after the EIP-1559 only `receipt_gas_used * (receipt_effective_gas_price - block.base_fee_per_gas)` would go to the miner, the remaining wei will be burnt.

This is reflected in this PR for ETH balance calculation

More resources on EIP-1559:

Check out our Gas Tracker dashboard to track EIP-1559 adoption.

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