Introducing the Nansen Scouts Program

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TL;DR - Nansen is looking for Scouts to help assist the Attribution team with labeling high-priority addresses in exchange for platform access! Interested? Fill out this form and reach out on Discord!

We are excited to announce the revamped Nansen Scouts program — our latest initiative for crypto users to help our Attribution team identify high-priority addresses, in exchange for access to the Nansen platform and monetary rewards. This is your chance to learn from our core team, whilst also getting access to Nansen's resources and private Discord channels!

What skills are we looking for?

  • Basic data entry skills
  • Moderate understanding of Etherscan and other block explorers
  • A huge plus if you have the ability to read smart contracts

Who are we looking for?

  • DeFi users
  • Crypto natives or crypto curious people
  • NFT collectors

What are the perks?

🏆 Baseline Rewards:

  • Receive VIP access to the Nansen platform and the Scouts Discord channel


  • Submit 10 addresses a week that total $10 million in volume
  • Assist in ad hoc manual tasks

🌟 Bonus Rewards:

Scouts that go above and beyond, can receive extra monetary rewards determined at the end of each month:

  • 🥇 Gold: $1,500 reward

For 1 billion in volume in the month, or 800 addresses submitted

  • 🥈 Silver: $1,000 reward

For 750 million volume in the month, or 600 addresses submitted

  • 🥉 Bronze: $500 reward

For 500 million volume, or 400 addresses submitted

How we will support you

  • Onboarding and training for internal tools with instructional documents
  • Chat in the Scouts Community
  • Ability to video call for questions and for more involved tasks
  • Detailed feedback on submissions

Think you have what it takes?

Fill out our onboarding form, which will ask you to input several addresses of recently launched Ethereum projects. Selected individuals will gain access to our private Scouts Discord channel, where we share insights, provide guidance, and track trending contracts.

Not sure if you'd be a good fit? Reach out to any of our team members on Discord.

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