Legends of the Hidden NFT

Legends of the Hidden NFT

Nansen now has dedicated functionality around all ERC-721 projects. Enjoy new dashboards like NFT Paradise, NFT God Mode, NFT Wallet Profiler, and NFT Item Profiler.

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The Apes have proven themselves worthy NFT Traders, and now have earned the right to enter Nansen's new NFT Dashboards. But before we get started, here's Olmec who will give them some information to help them retrieve the best yield for their journey:

You could start with NFT Paradise. Here you'll find a complete market overview, including activity over the past day and the projects with the most volume.

Nansen - NFT Paradise
Nansen NFT Paradise dashboard

You'll also find the Top 5 Projects with the most volume trend over time and perhaps, try to join a rising star.

Nansen - NFT Paradise
NFT Paradise dashboard

Or you could try to become one with the legends by selecting a project that's gaining traction from Smart Money Buys.

Nansen - Smart Money buys
NFT Smart Money

Clicking on an NFT Collection from NFT Paradise will bring you to NFT God Mode, where you can journey through the project specifics including price, volume, and transaction overview.

Nansen - NFT God Mode
NFT God Mode

Diving further into NFT God Mode brings you to Hodlers, where you can view the top hodlers of an NFT collection. Take note of their moves and spot the trend, if you can.

Nansen - NFT God Mode
NFT God Mode

Alternatively, you could start from NFT Paradise to NFT Wallet Profiler. Clicking on a buyer from any particular project will bring you into the profiler where you can see overall activity of that individual.

Nansen - NFT Wallet Profiler
NFT Wallet Profiler

Pressing on to labels, legendary or epic buyers will reveal a world of information on what they purchased or sold in the past with direct links to the project. Take note of individual buys and sells and their sentiment in the overall market.

Nansen - Recent NFT buys and sells
Recent NFT Buys and Sells

From there, you can even go further to explore individual NFTs in the NFT Item Profiler. Find out how popular a specific piece is and view its trading history over time, with direct links to enter an offer, if you dare.

Nansen - NFT Item Profiler
NFT Item Profiler

Avoid costly mistakes and seize the rising projects using the amazing tools in Nansen's NFT Dashboards, and you may have a chance to find alpha! But be careful, because the paradise has many opportunities and limitless possibilities, and it's easy to get trapped. Legend has it that many have never been seen again!

The choices are yours, and yours alone. Good luck.

Just getting started with NFTs? Read our guide here > 

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