Month in Review: April 2022

Month in Review: April 2022

Stay up to date with all things Nansen! In this April Month in Review, we look back on important updates of Solana data integration, Web3 Connect, and adding new NFT marketplace data such as Coinbase NFT and GEM. Read on to find out more!

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Hey Explorers,

We wrapped up April on a high note with over 10,000 new Nansen Lite user signups. With the Terra integration and Solana Multichain support, our team is shipping faster than ever before and we’re excited to have you on this journey with us.

Let’s take a look at what the team’s been working on.

Product Updates


In April we announced the integration of Solana data into Nansen dashboards. This marked the second non-EVM chain to be added to the platform. Solana is an open-source, permissionless blockchain run on a proof-of-stake consensus model improved upon by the proof of history concept, developed by Anatoly Yakovenko. Look out for future updates regarding other Solana additions to the platform!

The platform team also released additional support for Terra, including Token God Mode, Wallet Profiler, and Hot Contracts! Terra is a stablecoin protocol and a L1 blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK. This enables projects built on Terra, and Terra itself, to interact with other projects within the Cosmos ecosystem via the Cosmos IBC. By using the Cosmos Tendermint consensus mechanism, this protocol is able to handle high transactions per second with low cost and is projected to handle up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Web3 Connect

From our Product team, we’re beyond excited to have launched Web3 Connect! This new functionality allows Nansen to take advantage of the permissionless nature of the industry, enabling all users to easily connect and start using the platform using only their MetaMask wallet.

With the new Lite tier, now it is easier than ever to start surfacing the signal. Sign up here:

Smart Alerts

We released two Smart Alerts updates! You’ll notice that you’re now able to create Smart Alerts from the drop-down menu. No longer do you have to worry about being slowed down by inputting all the alert details. Additionally, if you’re feeling adventurous, we’ve added Webhook from Smart Alerts. One of the oldest requests from our feedback page by some of our power users, this feature unlocks another level of analysis powered by Nansen. To get started, check our public docs here.


In April, the NFT team launched support for marketplace data from X2Y2 and contracts built using 0x Protocol, namely Coinbase NFT. Be sure to check out the public NFT Trends dashboard to see a day by day breakdown of this data.

As part of our continuing efforts to have the most accurate data coverage, we’ve added support for sales from third-party NFT aggregator contracts, such as Gem and Genie. This enables users to get a clear picture of where the market is actively being traded. After this change, the volume on OpenSea sales increased +10% while the number of sales went up 20%. To see some of this data, refer to the Trades tab in NFT God Mode or the public NFT Trends dashboard.

NFT Listings

Next up, we added a "Listings" tab to NFT God Mode. This lets you see the historic or granular floor prices for any NFT project. In addition you are able to see who is selling at the floor the most, who is dropping listing prices most often, and when Smart Money is listing or delisting. All of these features, combined with our powerful wallet labeling, allow NFT traders to carefully assess most optimal times to enter and exit, whilst also providing a good understanding of wider changes in supply and demand.

Smart NFT Sweeper

NFT sweeping refers to the act of buying a significant number of NFTs from a single collection. This generally might be indicative of a number of things, ie. they like the art, they know something.

As such, investors have begun to look at sweeps as a proxy for on-chain alpha. We believe acts of sweeping are now notable signals - but not just anyone that sweeps. Our 🤓 NFT Sweepers are built on sweepers that have realized significant profit from sweeping. You can find out more details on what do the labels mean here.

New Smart Money labels: Private Sale Investor + Airdrop Pro

Our Attributions team has curated and labeled two new Smart Money segments:

  • Private Sale Investor: Addresses that have received at least $100,000 from investor distributor addresses across a significant number of different tokens
  • Airdrop Pro: Addresses that have received a significant amount of tokens across multiple airdrops (Airdrops are valued based on the 30d average after the distribution starts.
NFT Price Prediction

The NFT team made improvements to Price Prediction, our machine learning model formerly called the Price Estimator. It is now split into three dashboards, NFT God Mode, NFT Paradise, and NFT Item Profiler.

It can be used (with caution) to spot potential bargain NFTs listed at lower than expected prices.

  • NFT Paradise ‘Price Prediction’: See what projects we cover and see their accuracy.
  • NFT God Mode ‘Price Prediction’: Find predictions that are less than those currently listed and examine carefully for potential bargains.
  • Item Profiler ‘Price Prediction’: Understand the expected price of any NFT with a few helpful graphs and stats.

Coming up in May

  • Nansen Team at Permissionless!
  • Super Secret Feature 👀

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