Month in Review: December 2021

Month in Review: December 2021

Nansen Explorers, the year is officially behind us and with that, it’s time for a December recap.

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Nansen Explorers, the year is officially behind us and with that, it’s time for a December recap.

We finished off the year strong by announcing a $75M raise for our Series B. Led by Accel, with participation from GIC, Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Tiger Global, SCB 10x, and additional prominent VCs & angel investors, this round will further bolster the next phase of growth and development, focusing on hiring, new product offerings, and expanding Nansen’s global reach. We look forward to having you join us on this wild ride!

Product Updates

This past month, the Nansen product teams have been focusing on numerous items across the board; from bringing new features and dashboards, to refining our backend, improving the user signup process, and working on items that will make being a Nansen user really pay off 😉 Some of these items are still in the works and are on course to come early in 2022, but some have already made their debut just as the year has come to an end.

To start, Avalanche Network support was rolled out. Learn more about it in our official announcement post. We also added Celo support, increasing our current coverage to six networks, with more on the way! To better understand this ecosystem, be sure to read our research piece, “Celo: Toward Blockchain Mainstream Adoption”. Looking to test it out? Use the navigation menu to quickly change your preferred network.

To start, we rolled out support for two new blockchains, Avalanche and Celo. Be sure to check out the announcement post for Avalanche and our curated research piece, “Celo: Toward Blockchain Mainstream Adoption” to learn more about each. In addition to support for two new blockchains, we also broadened the existing support of BSC which now includes TGM, Token Movements, WP and Smart Alert functionality. Looking to explore these new chains? Don’t forget you can quickly change your preferred network via the network switch on the navigation menu.

NFT Improvements

Let's take a look at some of the items catered to the NFT degens out there.

You can now find full support for the collection that some say started it all, Cryptopunks. You can now check insights on the entire collection using Nansen’s NFT God Mode, drill down on a specific punk using NFT Item profiler, or if you’re looking for data on punks sporting a fedora, plug that into Rarity Profiler. *tips fedora*

Rarity Profiler showing the CryptoPunks Fedora trait

Are those entirely new dashboards? Yup. This past month we also rolled out dashboards focused on rarity, both at the collection level and trait level. You can check rarity insights across 650+ collections using the Rarity tab in NFT God Mode, or drill down on a specific trait in a collection using the Rarity Profiler. Be sure to reference our blog post to learn how to explore rarities using Nansen.

Lastly, you may have also noticed some differences on the NFT Paradise 24 market overview table, NFT God Mode widgets, and the NFT watchlist tab. We’ve updated these items to showcase the floor price of given collections, which is one of the key metrics used when reviewing NFT collections.

Usability Improvements

Nansen is all about helping you understand what is happening on-chain by presenting curated blockchain data in easily digestible dashboards. We also know that sometimes, what happens off chain can be just as important. This is why we introduced GM Digest; a welcome addition to the home screen (see GIF) where you can find high quality curated content such as news, research articles, note-worthy tweets, videos and podcasts from around the industry.

Nansen GM Digest

Another update our product team has rolled out is bringing one of our tenet features to all of our users; watchlists. In line with being able to defend your position, you need to easily be able to take stock of your position. Now all users have the ability to track wallets, tokens and NFT collections all within their personal watchlists.

Last item that was rolled out in December was the introduction of a new dashboard - Bridge Builder. This is a BETA dashboard released to our Alpha and VIP users that assists in surfacing the signal of the Bridge labeled accounts with the most on-chain activity. You can find the Bridge Builder dashboard nested within the Multichain section on the left hand navigation menu. If you’re interested in exploring bridges within the ethereum ecosystem, this is a great entry point down the bridges rabbit hole!

Bridge Builder Multichain dashboard

Coming up in January

We’re ramping up our planning efforts to make sure we make 2022 the best year ever! We’ll have lots of v2 updates to Nansen tools you know and love - making it even easier to dig up that sweet alpha. Be sure to check out our feedback page and vote for the items you’d like to see in production. Also, if you’d like to participate in any of our feedback sessions - please drop us a line at Specifically for next month, here’s what we’re working on:

  • More supported chains (Solana, Terra, Arbitrum, Optimism)
  • Nansen Community Ambassador Program
  • Sharable referral links
  • Enhanced watchlist performance

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