Month in Review: October 2021

Month in Review: October 2021

Our team has been working hard in October and we are pleased to report yet another month of amazing updates, so without further ado, let's dive right in!

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Hey Nansen Explorers!

The team has been incredibly busy these past couple of weeks with platform updates and rolling out multi-chain support. October was no different. We are thrilled to bring to you another month of highly requested updates. 

User Growth Metrics

This past month saw a continuation of the unprecedented user growth we saw in September. 

  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) increased by 45% 
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) increased by 2.25%
  • Daily Active Users (DAU) grew by 6%

Product Updates

Usability Improvements


You can now add your favorite tokens, wallet addresses, and NFT collections to your Watchlist in Nansen and keep a close eye on it! 

Please note: this feature is available only for users with Alpha / VIP plan, but will be released more broadly to all users in the coming weeks.

What’s so special about the Nansen watchlist? We show relevant information about the things you care about right up front in a consolidated view using the power of Nansen’s on chain analytics.

For example for each token in your watchlist you can see:

  • Price
  • % on Exchange
  • % with Dex Traders
  • % Concentration (top 5 holders)
  • Top Holder change

This view allows you to keep an eye on the projects you care about and spot changes when they happen. Coupled with easy access to the other Nansen dashboards, linked straight from your token list, the watchlist will become your personalized launchpad. 

You can also rename Nansen labels when adding an item. This is very powerful to allow you to rename individual items with something that you find helpful:

We have also improved our right-click menu. Not only can you add items to the watchlist from the right click menu, you can also see Etherscan and marketplace links for NFT collections. Bringing you straight from NFT Paradise to the collection without needing to click into NFT God Mode.

We think you will love it when you see it.

NFT Improvements

The NFT Product team has been hard at work yet again this month. 

Due to popular demand, gas prices are now integrated into our NFT dashboards. This is our first step in providing gas data for NFTs. All leaderboards, profits and gains now include gas spent by default and we also show a new in Wallet Profiler: Gas Spent. 

We have also added a floor price (based on sales) within our NFT Watchlist - another highly requested feature. We are prioritizing customer requests from - delivering what you’re asking for - so please keep submitting features you would like to see on Nansen next!

Next up, we have added a NFT Smart Money dashboard! This dashboard further breaks down the latest Smart Money buys, sells and mints from NFT Paradise. This feature is just for VIP and Alpha subscribers and is chalked full of tasty alpha. 

Lastly, we now have expanding and contracting time scales for price and volume charts. This feature is great for projects under a week old, where we now automatically show hourly time frames in NFT God Mode overview. Once the project has more data, we seamlessly transition to daily data points without any interaction. This has been a hotly requested feature, as it enables NFTs in Mint Master to be evaluated with better precision during the first vital hours of minting. We will be making more custom time-based options to all graphs in the future.

Smart Alerts

To / From Filters

Our Smart Alerts received an upgrade! We added the ability to filter Smart Alert addresses with the new to: and from: filters. One of our higher requested features, on, these filters help target your alert to transactions coming from, or going to, a specified address.

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Looking towards November

We are continuously striving to improve our capabilities here at Nansen to make your experience as seamless as possible.

Looking forward to next month, we hope to have a few more updates ready for you, including:

  • Added support for more blockchains
  • Smart alerts improvements, specifically for NFTs
  • Account experience improvements including referral links

As always, don’t forget to give us your feedback if you’d like support for a particular feature here.

About Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence, and defend their portfolios with real-time alerts.

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