Nansen 30 Over 30

Nansen 30 Over 30

"Nansen 30 Over 30" features 30 iconic NFTs sold for over 30 ETH in 2021. You'll find the complete list of NFTs with some fun facts on each piece.

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"Nansen 30 Over 30" features 30 iconic NFTs sold for over 30 ETH in 2021. Below you'll find the complete list of NFTs with some fun facts on each piece, including:

  • who bought/sold/minted it?
  • why is this particular piece interesting?
  • what makes this collection unique?
    And more.

We decided to include only collections with several transactions above 30 NFTs. Keep reading to see the whole list!

Hashmask #9939, "sex"

  • Hashmasks kicked off the NFT mania in 2021 by building on the CryptoPunks concept - and it was among the first projects to see a rush of addresses try to mint the first 16,400 pieces in the collection
  • This piece (titled "sex") was bought on February 2, for 420 ETH ($634K) by seedphrase.eth (aka "DANNY" on OpenSea) - a highly active collector owning thousands of NFTs
  • It as among 12 pieces that have "Mystical" traits: character, eye color, and skin color. Furthermore, it's the only Mystical Hashmask with a "Unique" mask

Ether Rock #55

  • Ether Rock is one of the earliest NFTs launched shortly after CryptoPunks in 2017.
  • Ether Rocks pride themselves on having no purpose apart from being bought, sold, and owned. There are only 100 Rocks in existence.
  • Ether Rock #55 "I have a rock and she is so blue" was sold for 900 ETH ($4.1M) and is currently held in a fractional vault with 34 owners each holding a representative portion of the NFT.

CryptoPunk #7523

View full screen - View 1 of Lot 1. CryptoPunk 7523  .
  • The iconic 24 by 24 pixel CryptoPunks profile pictures are perhaps the most long-standing and sought-after NFT collection in crypto.
  • Punk 7523, also known as 'COVID Alien', is one of seven alien species, of which it is the only one with a face mask.
  • Sold on the 10th June 2021 by Sotheby's auction house for $11.8M to entrepreneur Shalom Meckenzie, "I really wanted this particular CryptoPunk. I thought it was symbolic of Covid and the popularization of NFTs."
  • This Punk has since received a now withdrawn bid of 20.4K ETH ($87.64M).

Meebit #17522

  • Meebits are 3D voxel characters created by CryptoPunks' developers Larva Labs.
  • Unlike CryptoPunks these avatars are designed to be used in the Metaverse with each carrying its own unique T-pose that can be imported into standard 3D modeling software
  • Pig species Meebit #17522 is highly valued for its rare double-snout and was sold on the 9th of July 2021 for 1,000 ETH ($2.1M), the only sale transaction by the wallet.

Nouns #40

noun 40
  • Nouns are an experimental attempt to improve the formation of on-chain avatar communities by bootstrapping identity, community, governance and a treasury.
  • All Nouns are equally rare as all traits are equally likely to be generated.
  • Every 24 hours a Noun is automatically auctioned with proceeds going straight to the community treasury.
  • Noun #40 was sold for 200ETH ($810,494) to address noun40.eth.

DEAFBEEF Series 0: Synth Poems - Token 7

Watch Series 0: Synth Poems - Token 7 with audio on OpenSea

Chromie Squiggle #4697

View the generative Chromie Squiggle #4697 on OpenSea
  • Chromie Squiggle is created by Erick Snowfro, the founder of Art Blocks, generative content hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Chromie Squiggle #4697 has the property of "HyperRainbow", only 1% of the NFTs in the collection have this trait
  • It was minted by zonked.eth on Dec 26, 2020, at 0.035 ETH ($22) and sold to 0x55fa for 945 ETH ($2.9M) 9 months later.

Ringers #109

  • Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak is an Art Blocks Curated collection, one of the most strictly curated offerings in the Art Blocks product suite.
  • Each output from 'Ringers' is derived from a unique transaction hash and generated in Javascript in the browser.
  • Ringer #109 was minted by akira.eth, a Legendary NFT Collector, for 0.1 ETH ($131) on Jan 31, 2021
  • It was sold for 2,100 ETH ($7.1M) to 0x55fa on Oct 2, 2021, who also owns Chromie Squiggle #4697.
  • This is the highest last sale of all the Art Blocks NFTs to date.

Fidenza #313, "The Tulip"

  • Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs is an Art Blocks Curated collection.
  • 999 of the pieces were minted at a price of 0.17 ETH each ($400) on Jun 11, 2021.
  • Fidenza #313, "The Tulip", was sold for 1,000 ETH ($3.3M) on Aug 23, merely 2 months after the initial release.
  • Now owned by @punk6529, a famous NFT collector who has close to 200 Art Blocks NFTs, among the others, in his address.

Meridian #287

  • Meridian by Matt DesLauriers is an Art Blocks Playground collection, arguably one of the most aesthetic Art Blocks collections that have become an NFT collectors' favorite.
  • Released on Sep 28, 2021, by Dutch Auction with a start price of 15ETH.
  • Meridian #287 was minted for 6 ETH ($16.8K), and sold to jadedviews.eth for 200 ETH ($677.9K) just 4 days later.
  • It has a rarity rank of 4/1000. Looks rare.

RAREPEPE Card 1, Series 1 - The Nakamoto Card

  • Rare Pepes were tokens minted as digital collectible cards, inspired by Pepe the Frog meme
  • Only 300 of these Nakamoto Cards were issued in September 2016. The cards depict the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, as a Pepe - both icons significant in the crypto world.
  • These unique cards were first traded in 2016 on Counterparty, an NFT platform built on Bitcoin, and eventually wrapped on Ethereum.
  • This particular Nakamoto Card was most recently bought by hotg12.eth ("tg12_0" on OpenSea) for 200 ETH ($684K) and is currently listed for sale at 100 ETH.

Autoglyphs #463

  • Released in April 2019, Autoglyphs is the second NFT collection created by Larva Labs
  • It is the first “on-chain” generative art on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Autoglyphs #463 was bought by "jackular1" on OpenSea for 460 ETH ($1.76M), from strong hands "blocktopus" who minted and held this for almost 2.5 years before making this sale.

Pudgy Penguins #6873

  • Pudgy Penguins, aka pengus, started out as a cute underdog collection, but rapidly gained popularity, with mainstream coverage in Bloomberg and the New York Times.
  • Pudgy Penguin #6873 was minted by flipdrago.eth (aka "LFG on OpenSea) and then first sold for 150 ETH, only to be re-sold for 225 ETH to coinunited.eth who could be described as an NFT whale.
  • The piece is unique because of its simplicity: no headwear, and plain black skin color. In addition, it's the only pengu that is facing the left. It's also the only one on a green background.

Loot Bag #748

  • Loot (for Adventurers) is an experimental game foundation created by dhof (aka dom.eth) where each NFT represents adventurer gear
  • Bag #748 was minted for free (except for ~0.02 ETH in gas costs), then immediately sold for 0.08 ETH. 6 days later it sold for 250 ETH, and a month later it sold for 420.69 ETH - nice!
  • The current owners created their wallet only to purchase this single NFT piece, and funded it with 600 ETH from Tornado Cash before buying the piece

Axie Infinity Land: Genesis Plot (-20, -30)

  • Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn (P2E) game with millions of gamers battling Pokemon-like creatures and earning "Smooth Love Potion" tokens. It has a rich in-game economy with metaverse assets such as land and associated plot items.
  • In the Axie universe land is represented by tokenized plots which act as a home and base for operations of gameplay. Land plots may also contain valuable resources further supporting the game economy.
  • Plot (-20, -30) is 1 of 220 rare genesis plots and was sold for 550 ETH ($2.39M) by "ArcaChemist" to "wen land" on Nov 25th, 2021.

Axie #2655 (aka Sir Gregory)

  • As the central characters in Axie Infinity's metaverse game, Axies are NFT with different genetic make-up of traits making some rarer than others
  • Axies are like loveable pets that can also be bred by using the in-game currency $AXS and the appropriately name $SLP (Smooth Love Potion)
  • "Sir Gregory" is an Origin 3 Mystic which was first sold for 10 ETH ($1,850), then 160 ETH ($89.2K), and then 369 ETH ($821K) on July 4th, 2021.

CyberKongz Genesis #829

  • This all-green ape is 1 of 1000 Genesis CyberKongz that sold for 215 ETH to fugazivault.eth, who also owns 3 other Genesis CyberKongz
  • The CyberKongz universe has evolved over time; from the yield-generating Genesis CyberKongz to the 3D CyberKongz VX avatars, built to participate in the Sandbox metaverse.

Spells of Genesis (SoG): SATOSHICARD (2015)

  • Spells of Genesis is one of the first blockchain-based video games (aka one of the first few examples of how you can use blockchain without knowing about it)
  • It is allegedly the first tokenized asset to ever be integrated into two independent games (the first instance of NFT interoperability); the neanderthal ancestor of the metaverse.
  • SATOSHICARD (2015) is the highest sale in the NFT collection that was sold for 140 ETH ($446,039).

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) #2087

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club is a billion-dollar NFT ecosystem!
  • BAYC #2087 was sold for 769 ETH ($2.3M) on Sep 30, 2021 to an address that currently holds 7 BAYCs, including the laser-eyes BAYC #8877, last transacted at 425 ETH ($1.4M)
  • Despite BAYC #2087 being the highest sale in the collection, it is only the 9th rarest in the collection. Wonder what rarity rank 1-8 will fetch?

Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) #4849

  • The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) NFTs were released by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) after much anticipation.
  • MAYC #4849 was minted on 29 August 2021 by Niftyologist.eth for 2.81 ETH, and on the same day, sold to @0x_b1 for 350 ETH ($1.13M).
  • The whole MAYC NFT collection was auctioned for $96 million in less than an hour.

Vox Collectibles: Farmbot VOX #6315

Sandbox LAND: 24x24 Estate XL [12,156]

  • Sandbox is a community-driven platform allowing users to create voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences. It is one of the most well-known players in the metaverse space; bringing in partnerships with big names, from Snoop Dogg to Care Bears.
  • Sandbox LAND are unique parts of the metaverse world, allowing players to create and monetize experiences.
  • Location: 12, 156 is an 24x24 XL estate that sold for 3,644,835 SAND ($892K) on an OpenSea dutch auction, to NFT collector DANNY.

Decentraland LAND: Fashion Street Estate

  • Decentraland is an Ethereum blockchain-powered virtual world, developed and owned by its users
  • Decentraland held the first metaverse festival in October 2021, featuring high-profile artists such as Deadmau5 and Paris Hilton.
  • The Fashion Street Estate, made of 116 plots, recently went for 618,000 MANA, or $2.6m, making it the most expensive sale on Decentraland. The estate will be used to conduct fashion shows and facilitate e-commerce within the metaverse, highlighting Decentraland's expansion into the fashion industry.

Parallel Masterpiece // Alpha // Ashes to Ashes

  • Parallel Alpha is a sci-fi trading card game (TCG) set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Ashes to Ashes is a Masterpiece card with a royalty component entitling holders to receive 1% of all secondary sales of the matching playable card.
  • On August the 6th 2021, this card sold for 360 ETH ($1.11M) making it the highest sale yet in the Parallel collection.

CrypToadz #1519

  • CrypToadz by GREMPLIN is "A small, warty, amphibious creature that resides in the metaverse." !CROAK
  • CrypToadz #1519 has a rarity rank of 8/7,025, with "Licked - Hallucination" trait.
  • It had 2 meme price sales: 69.069 ETH ($250K) from 🐵🐵🐵.eth to anonymoux.eth on Sep 15, 2021; then 420 ETH ($1.58M) from anonymoux.eth to Meta4Capital on Oct 6, 2021.


Watch the full video on Nifty Gateway: POLITICS IS BULLSHIT
  • Mint price is just $1
  • Released on Nifty Gateway on Oct 29, 2020
  • "ok first off it's a fucking dollar, if you need extra convincing from some BS artist's notes wether you want to spend a dollar on this i will punch you in the god damn face. smash the buy button ya jabroni," says Beeple, the artist.
  • The journey from $1 to $624K took 131 days for POLITICS IS BULLSHIT #2/100, as BullishOnB sold it to @punk4156 for 333.33 ETH on March 9, 2021.

Cool Cats #1490

World of Woman #3733

VeeFriends: Alert Ape

  • VeeFriends is the name of Gary Vaynerchuk's hand-drawn NFT collection.
  • The Alert Ape was sold for 105 ETH ($318,177) to "WuTangClan" on OpenSea.
  • Christie’s hosted a live auction called “Post-War to Present”  with several of the VeeFriends collection alongside other physical art.
  • Gary Vee was so confident about his NFT collection that some of the listings at a Christie's auction did not have a listing price (i.e., starting at $0).

ENS: paradigm.eth

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains provide a way for users to map human-readable names to blockchain and non-blockchain resources, like Ethereum addresses, IPFS hashes, or website URLs.
  • Currently, there are over 183,000 holders and 629k ENS domains in circulation, making it the second-largest NFT collection by unique addresses after Axie Infinity (2.78M addresses)
  • paradigm.eth was sold for 420 ETH on Oct 9, 2021, it was also the only sale since this ENS was minted over a year ago. This meme price is 320 ETH more than the second-highest ENS sale, amazon.eth, at 100 ETH.

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