Nansen and Kaiko Join Forces to Create Comprehensive Data Tool for DEX and CEX Markets

Nansen and Kaiko Join Forces to Create Comprehensive Data Tool for  DEX and CEX Markets

Nansen announces their partnership with Kaiko to provide comprehensive market views for crypto teams and enterprises.

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We're proud to announce our partnership with Kaiko, the foremost source of cryptocurrency market data, analytics, indices, and research. This collaboration brings together two of the most trusted data providers in the industry, aiming to develop a solution that provides comprehensive data across both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. 

The crypto landscape poses various challenges for institutions operating in the industry due to the fragmented nature of transactions across exchanges. This challenge hampers their ability to fully comprehend blockchain ecosystems and market dynamics while also presenting obstacles in terms of regulatory compliance and reporting.

By leveraging Nansen's wallet data and Kaiko's market data, this partnership offers institutions a holistic view across both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. This enables analytical and risk management use cases, including enhanced market analysis and trading signals, improved token analysis, and better risk assessment. With Nansen's data helping identify potential token-related risks, such as token concentration or suspicious activity, and Kaiko's market data offering insights into price volatility, liquidity risks, and sudden market movements, this comprehensive tool empowers institutions with the necessary insights to make informed decisions and navigate the crypto market with confidence.

“The integration of on-chain and market data provided by Nansen and Kaiko offers a more complete perspective, unlocking new insights into the cryptocurrency space,” said Alex Svanevik,” CEO of Nansen. “This partnership makes Nansen Query an even more powerful data analytics platform for crypto teams and enterprises. Instead of building multiple integrations, you can now get programmatic access to both on-chain data and market data in seconds.”

The collaboration between Nansen and Kaiko also facilitates a robust and fair price valuation mechanism. Kaiko benchmark reference rates are regulatory compliant, and use a transparent and reliable pricing methodology for the valuation of digital assets. The rates methodology leverages datasets that are utilized globally by regulators.

“I am excited by this collaboration: Nansen’s clients now have access to high-quality centralized exchanges’ data (CEXs) for their back-testing strategy, business intelligence use cases, and regulatory compliant benchmark rates to best value their portfolios. This empowers them by having a comprehensive view of the blockchain ecosystems and market dynamics”, said Elodie de Marchi, COO at Kaiko.

The invaluable insights afforded by this partnership will aid in market analysis, trend identification, liquidity shifts, trading strategy evaluation, and market sentiment assessment. The combination of Nansen's token analytics and Kaiko's broader market data provides an overview of token performance allowing users to analyze factors such as token distribution, large holder behavior, transaction volumes, liquidity, and market activity.

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