Nansen and TRON Collaborate to Deliver Deeper Insights into On-Chain Activity

Nansen and TRON Collaborate to Deliver Deeper Insights into On-Chain Activity

Nansen announces their partnership with TRON to provide on-chain insights to their ecosystem.

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We are excited to announce our partnership with TRON, one of the leading blockchain networks by TVL and activity. TRON’s low fees and fast transaction speeds have made it the preferred platform for USDT transfers. Over 46 billion (56%) of USDT's supply is on TRON and transactions eclipse that of ERC-20 USDT. 

Its popularity for USDT transactions is reflected in the log occurrences as well, with 40% of all events emitted on the chain being associated with Tether.

Source: Nansen's TRON dashboard

The network supports an impressive number of daily active transactions and addresses, with over 1.5 million daily active addresses and 8-9 million daily transactions. Those figures are well above popular chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

Source: Nansen's TRON dashboard

Our aim is to provide investors and crypto teams with enriched blockchain data, analytics, research, and portfolio tracking. By integrating TRON, we can offer more insights and deeper analysis of on-chain activity in the crypto ecosystem. 

TRON has been fully integrated into Nansen Portfolio and Nansen Query. Users can also gain insights into TRON’s network activity and ecosystem on our macro dashboard on Nansen Pro. We are constantly working on adding further support for the network on our platform and will enable popular features such as Token God Mode and Wallet Profiler in the near future. 

Source: Nansen's TRON dashboard

Check out the macro dashboard for on-chain insights into TRON!

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