Nansen Integrates zkSync to Unlock Onchain Insights for Their Community

Nansen Integrates zkSync to Unlock Onchain Insights for Their Community

Nansen announces their integration of zkSync, to unlock onchain insights for their community.

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We are excited to announce that we’re integrating zkSync, a leading Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, and will provide advanced onchain data and analytics for its ecosystem. This integration is poised to shed light on the expansion and adoption of zkSync, empowering both existing users and the broader crypto communities by offering a comprehensive understanding of onchain activity within the zkSync ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to integrate zkSync, a leading ZK-rollup, to bring best-in-class onchain data and analytics to the ecosystem. This integration will offer unique onchain insights, enabling users and crypto teams to analyze activities within the zkSync ecosystem. These insights will further the growth and adoption of the network,” says Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen.

zkSync: Advancing Ethereum's Technology for a Scalable Future

zkSync is at the cutting edge of Layer-2 solutions, offering scalable, secure, and user-friendly transactions for the Ethereum network. Its ecosystem is designed to enable developers and brands to deploy efficient, Web3-optimized applications, advancing digital interactions through the enhanced capabilities of blockchain technology.

“The integration of zkSync by Nansen, one of the premier blockchain analytics platforms, will add tremendous value for both the existing zkSync community and the Web3 space at large. The great benefit of permissionless blockchains such as zkSync is that all the data is public and contains valuable insights for builders, investors, and end-users alike. However, without platforms like Nansen that can process and label this data, it is not digestible or actionable.” says Omar Azhar, Head of Business Development at Matter Labs

A Look Into zkSync’s Ecosystem Activity

Ecosystem overview

There has been steady growth in daily active addresses and transactions on zkSync since its mainnet went live in March 2023. After starting with 60,000 daily active addresses and 300,000 transactions, the network now processes over a million transactions daily for over 350,000 addresses. 

zkSync Macro Dashboard

Additionally, the ecosystem has seen an influx of infrastructure, gaming, and DeFi dApps, which are responsible for over 90% of activity.

zkSync Macro Dashboard

Pudgy World: A Step Towards Mainstream Adoption

Beyond the typical onchain applications mentioned above, zkSync is also the home of Pudgy World, an interactive digital world accessible to Pudgy Penguin NFT holders and Pudgy toy owners. Each Pudgy toy comes with a QR code, which enables the owner to create a "Forever Pudgy" within Pudgy World, over which the owner has ownership.

zkSync x Pudgy World Dashboard

Since the launch of Pudgy World, over 58,800 new wallets have been created, a number that will continue to increase as Pudgy toys continue to sell out. Pudgy Penguin holders have bridged over 10,800 ETH to zkSync across 5,543 unique wallets, with 3,100 ETH being bridged after the launch of Pudgy World.

zkSync x Pudgy World Dashboard

By serving as the network for innovative and consumer-focused projects, zkSync is on track to fulfill its goal of introducing the first billion users to web3. The integration of zkSync broadens our analytical coverage by integrating essential onchain insights into our platform. You can monitor the growth and performance of zkSync's ecosystem on our publicly accessible Macro Dashboard, and crypto teams can delve into zkSync onchain data via Nansen Query to make more informed product decisions. 


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