Nansen Partners with Sixdegree to Provide Onchain Insights to Protocols, DAOs, and Institutional Market Players

Nansen Partners with Sixdegree to Provide Onchain Insights to Protocols, DAOs, and Institutional Market Players

Nansen announces their partnership with Sixdegree to empower crypto teams with onchain insights.

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Singapore, Sept 07, 2023 -- Nansen, a leading provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams, is proud to announce a partnership with Sixdegree, a crypto-native onchain research firm that specializes in incentive optimization for protocols to enhance user growth. This collaboration aims to bolster the crypto industry by granting crypto teams access to improved data services and comprehensive support, while contributing to a more informed and empowered community.

Crypto teams often encounter challenges when attempting to gain a comprehensive understanding of their users and the dynamics within their sector. Although blockchains are transparent, comprehending user intent, activity, and patterns remains difficult due to their anonymous nature and the complexity of accurately interpreting onchain data. 

Deep onchain analysis is essential for crypto teams to thrive. With their solid track record of more than 20+ top protocols including Lens and Gnosis Safe, Sixdegree has joined forces with Nansen to build dashboards and models to analyze onchain user behaviours, ecosystem growth and token incentives. This partnership will also enhance the capabilities of both teams in delivering an extended range of services to a wider spectrum of crypto teams, empowering them to achieve the next level of growth.

“We’re excited to partner with Sixdegree in providing protocols and blockchain teams with the best analytics solutions.” said Alex Svanevik, CEO at Nansen. “This is a great example of how a leading blockchain analytics team supercharges their efforts by building on the strongest data analytics platform on the market. As a result, customers of both Sixdegree and Nansen will benefit.”

Sixdegree platform takes from and improves upon many of the behavioural data frameworks found in traditional Web 2.0, creating a quantitative, dynamic approach to growth for blockchain protocols.

“With the advent of the L2 blockchains, we see tremendous opportunity to support protocols in their on-chain user behavioral optimization. Our platform is comprised of various predictive models which we use to calibrate and improve retention, LTV and incentives for a wide range of protocols ” said  0xetwas, co-founder at Sixdegree, "Partnering with the Nansen team and supporting a diverse range of clients is a tremendous opportunity"

This partnership will open up the doors to providing Web3 businesses with unparalleled insights on the onchain activity of their customers together with business intelligence and competitive intelligence solutions. Additionally, the partnership will provide offerings around market analysis, trend identification, liquidity shifts, trading strategy evaluation, and market sentiment assessment. By pooling individual strengths, Nansen and Sixdegree add a new layer of accuracy and transparency to onchain insights, allowing teams to better understand what services are resonating with their users, enhance customer interactions, and stay ahead of industry changes. This collaboration will ultimately allow organizations to better comprehend the dynamics of the crypto world and make more educated decisions on anything related to onchain data. 

Showing the potential for groundbreaking solutions and advancements, it also exemplifies Nansen's steadfast commitment to broadening the horizons of its services, offering customers innovative avenues to facilitate seamless information exchange.


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