Nansen Partners with Slice Analytics to Increase Custom On-chain Analytics Services for Crypto Teams

Nansen Partners with Slice Analytics to Increase Custom On-chain Analytics Services for Crypto Teams

Nansen announces their partnership with Slice Analytics to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions to crypto teams.

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Nansen, a leading provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams, has announced a partnership with Slice Analytics, a leading on-chain data analytics service provider - specializing in creating custom dashboards, and reports for their clients. Nansen and Slice Analytics will combine their expertise to offer crypto teams unique, intuitive and user-friendly insights, found in on-chain data.

Crypto teams often grapple with understanding their users and the complexities of industry dynamics, primarily due to the anonymous and intricate nature of on-chain data. Deep on-chain analysis is imperative for gaining insights that enable them to make informed strategic decisions. This partnership seeks to leverage Nansen's advanced datasets and Slice Analytics' data analysis proficiency to provide crypto teams with unparalleled on-chain insights.

Slice Analytics offers a comprehensive range of data services that extend well beyond basic market research. Their expertise lies in empowering crypto teams to monitor critical data points, including customer on-chain preferences and behaviors, enabling proper customer segmentation and the implementation of effective acquisition and retention strategies.

"We are excited to join forces with Slice Analytics to deliver cutting-edge analytics solutions to blockchain and protocol teams," commented Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen. "Through this collaboration, our goal is to enhance our capabilities and offer swifter service to a wider array of customers."

Now, leveraging Nansen Query, Slice Analytics will be able to offer crypto teams a wider range of insights and services. Nansen Query's speed, reliability and depth of coverage allows for even the most complex queries to run smoothly. Teams will be able to have reliable tailored dashboards set-up, providing them with key customer and competitor intelligence metrics. Getting visibility into what products and services customer segments are using and metrics such as retention and user growth, will allow crypto teams to make more educated decisions to take them to the next level.

“The joint services provided by Nansen and Slice Analytics are poised to redefine the landscape of on-chain analytics,” said Tim Conard, Slice Analytics CEO. “This collaboration not only helps users but also helps improve our understanding and use of blockchain technology through detailed on-chain insights.

This partnership enhances the capabilities of both teams, providing greater access to high-quality on-chain insights. This initiative is poised to empower crypto teams to make informed strategic decisions, grounded in a detailed understanding of their users, competitors, and the market landscape.


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