Nansen Raises $1.2m Seed Round

Nansen Raises $1.2m Seed Round

Today we're happy to announce we've raised a US$1.2 million seed round, led by Mechanism Capital and Skyfall Ventures.

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Today we're happy to announce we've raised a US$1.2 million seed round, led by Mechanism Capital and Skyfall Ventures.

Additional investors in the round include:

  • Robot Ventures
  • Fabric Ventures
  • Sparq
  • Volt Capital
  • CTF Capital
  • Blockrock Capital

as well as angel investors:

  • Aleksander Leonard Larsen (Axie Infinity)
  • Ana Andrianova (Akropolis)
  • Anthony Yoon (FTX)
  • Christian Arita (StakerDAO)
  • Christian Printzell-Halvorsen (; Schibsted)
  • Eric Conner
  • Henrik Langeland & Nikolai Heum (Enode)
  • Julien Bouteloup (Stake Capital)
  • Kevin Hu (Dragonfly Capital)
  • Nisa Amoils (Grasshopper)
  • Sergei Chan (Blockscience; Deribit)
  • Spencer Noon
  • Thuc Tuan Hoang (MiraiEx)
"We're thrilled to have assembled an excellent investor team with a truly global presence. This seed round will help us hire top talent for Nansen's mission to surface the signal in blockchain data. Furthermore, we'll be able to leverage the experience and network of investors who are excited about our mission. The seed round is great news for Nansen customers, as it helps us execute faster on an ambitious roadmap."

— Alex Svanevik, Nansen CEO

"Nansen has been a tool we use on a daily basis and now plays an instrumental role in our research processes. Being experienced DeFi users themselves, the Nansen team is able to continually build tools that allow us and others to make the most of on-chain data."

— Andrew Kang, Mechanism Capital, Managing Partner

"We see Nansen as a bet on the continued rise of blockchain protocols as the foundation for the future of finance and the proliferation of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate asset class. If our prediction is correct, we expect to see a professionalization of the market actors and thus an explosion in the demand for SaaS analytics tools like Nansen."

— Espen Malmo, Skyfall Ventures, Managing Partner

"Nansen is building the analytics & intelligence to make sense of the increasingly large & complicated decentralized finance industry. It is a crucial tool for professionals in the space."

— Robert Leshner, Robot Ventures, General Partner

About Nansen

Nansen helps crypto professionals and investors surface the signal in blockchain data.

By enriching on-chain data with a contextual layer of entities and categories, currently consisting 50M+ wallet labels, Nansen helps crypto teams and investors make better decisions.

Customers use Nansen's subscription product, and institutional customers have access to the Nansen Research Desk.

The co-founders of Nansen are:

  • Evgeny Medvedev
  • Lars Bakke Krogvig
  • Alex Svanevik

Team members are located in:

  • Bangkok
  • Barcelona
  • Hamburg
  • Hong Kong
  • Los Angeles
  • Oslo
  • Singapore (HQ)

Press contacts

Alex Svanevik, CEO

Brand assets

Nansen brand assets are available here.


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