Nansen Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding

Published on:

June 29, 2021

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We are excited to announce Nansen has raised a $12M Series A round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Skyfall Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, imToken Ventures, Mechanism Capital, QCP Capital also participated in the round, as well as several of our seed investors, new angels and funds.

Individual investors Ana Andrianova, Will Price, Dovey Wan, Vincent Niu, Bitscale, Jeremy Kerbel, Allen Day, Yonatan Ben Shimon (YBS Capital), Daryl Lau, Kabeelan, Darren Lau, Kevin Hu, Joel John also joined in this round.

The fresh capital raised in this round will go towards:

  • Enhancing user experience, with an emphasis on personalization
  • Our data platform, pushing the envelope as the #1 blockchain analytics platform
  • Increased support for additional blockchains and layer 2 solutions, including Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, and more
  • Talent, through hiring and acquisitions
We are levelling up, and will grow faster.

Blockchain Analytics Should Be 10x Better

Simply displacing traditional finance is not enough. Blockchain has a 10x potential vs traditional finance. Shouldn't we hold the same high standards for blockchain analytics?

In traditional finance, most investors rely on coarse macro metrics. In crypto, blockchain analytics allows you to go much deeper - down to the individual transaction.

The average investor in traditional finance could only dream of the transactional insights Nansen users get from on-chain data as they:

  • discover new opportunities
  • perform due diligence on those opportunities
  • defend their portfolios with real-time alerts

Blockchains are built differently, allowing for radical transparency that enables meritocracy.

Our Journey So Far

Nansen Raises $12 Million in Series A Funding

Nansen went live in April 2020, and on our first day, we had a paying customer. That first month, we made a few hundred dollars in revenues. One year later, our revenue had gone up by over 1,000x. We’ve also grown from three co-founders to a team of 30 people.

Although we’ve spent a lot time onboarding new team members this year, growing the team has already led to improvements in the product. Since the release of our first version, we have:

Redesigned User Interface — more intuitive navigation, better-looking charts, dark mode by default

Made Queries Faster — we know that speed is critical when it comes to exploring opportunities, and that is why we’ve made our queries faster

Added Smart Alerts — real-time alerts based on your own custom rules, powered by Nansen data

Introduced New Dashboards — Hot Contracts, NFT God Mode, Smart Money, and lots of other dashboards

Nansen - Token God Mode
The all-new Nansen: Snappy, elegant, and overall a more intuitive user interface.

And of course, the platform is nowhere near finished! We’re continuously working on making all of the above even better, with new releases now being rolled out several times per week.

Onwards and Upwards

Since day one, Nansen has been a product for enthusiasts. Our users are pioneers of the future of finance. Smart Money uses Nansen.

This ties back to why Nansen exists in the first place.

  1. We want the future of finance to become reality
  2. In order for that to happen, the pioneers must become winners
  3. Nansen surfaces the signal for these pioneers, so they become winners

We are grateful for the support from our users, contributors, and investors, and even more excited about having you - the pioneer - along for the journey onwards.

About Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that enriches on-chain data with millions of wallet labels. Crypto investors use Nansen to discover opportunities, perform due diligence, and defend their portfolios with real-time alerts.

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