Polygon NFTs Now on Nansen

Polygon NFTs Now on Nansen

Nansen adds analytics support for Polygon NFTs.

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GM Nansen explorers!

Nansen is thrilled to announce NFT support for Polygon! 

Bear markets are for building and Polygon has certainly embraced that mentality. They’ve secured countless partnerships with large companies such as Starbucks and Reddit and many of them are NFT related. The low fees and throughput of the network makes it highly attractive for large scale launches. 

Our Polygon NFT analytics dashboards cover over 397k collections on Polygon, utilizing real-time, on-chain data. Data points such as minting activity for new projects, who’s buying/selling, hodler activity are just some of the key features that we offer. By relying on real-time, on-chain data we are able to give you the most accurate data as quickly as possible. The quality of data and breadth of coverage will enable you to discover opportunities, perform due diligence and make strategic decisions when investing in Polygon-based NFT projects. 

Like on Ethereum, many of the dashboards are available for FREE for our Nansen Lite subscribers. We’ll briefly go through the dashboards included in this release in the rest of the article, splitting the dashboards into 3 main segments - Daily Market Overviews, Market Trends and Deep Dives. 

Nansen NFT Paradise for Polygon

Daily Market Overviews

NFT paradise

Think of NFT paradise as the CoinGecko for NFTs where you can get an overview of what’s happening in the market in the last 24 hours. As mentioned in the introduction, we offer coverage of over 397k collections and leverage on real-time, on-chain data to give you the most updated information possible. There’s 2 main tabs for NFT paradise: Market Overview and Mint Master.

Market Overview Tab

The first dashboard you’ll come across is “24H NFT Market Overview,” which allows you to get a good overview of which collections are popular based on trading volume, market capitalization of the collection, the average price of the NFTs, number of wallets that interacted with the NFT contract and how old the NFT collection is. Interestingly, when we sort by the number of wallets, we see that there’s 10 collections with over 500K holders and 3 collections above 1 million. This is uncommon on other chains, and even if we do see collections of such sizes, it’ll likely be the only one. 

Nansen’s NFT Paradise - Market Overview

At the bottom of the page we have the “Profit Leaderboard” dashboard, which showcases the performance of the top NFT traders on the network. We give you a breakdown of their performance on the dashboard and you can do deep dives on their trades and wallets via our NFT Wallet Profiler tool.

Nansen’s NFT Paradise - Market Overview

The dashboards mentioned above are available for FREE for our Nansen Lite subscribers!

Mint Master

Mint master helps surface the signal for new NFT drops and is available for our standard tier subscribers. By relying on data at the contract level, we are able to have maximum coverage as early as possible, unlike any other platform out there. In crypto it literally pays to be early and this dashboard gives you the opportunity to be early to popular projects that people are excited about.  We highlight the mint volume and FOMO level of the NFT to allow you to uncover the most hyped drops in the space. 

Nansen’s NFT Paradise - Mint Master

Similar to the profit leaderboard in the “Market Overview” tab, Mint Master comes with its very own Minting Leaderboard. The dashboard showcases the wallets that have made the most profit from minting and how much they have spent on minting. This allows you to know which wallets are at the top of the game and you can keep track of their wallets on Nansen to see what new projects they’re minting. 

Nansen’s NFT Paradise - Mint Master

Market Trends

Trends Dashboard

Ever wanted an overview of how the Polygon NFT market is doing? The trends dashboard has got you covered. This dashboard allows you to get a sense of how the market is performing and the level of user activity and interest. Year to date, Polygon NFTs have had a total of 322M MATIC in trading volume across 1.93M unique wallets. 

Nansen NFT Trends Dashboard

Interestingly, users and transactions per week peaked at different weeks. Users peaked on 25 April 2022, with over 148K users minting NFTs and over 31K making trades on OpenSea. Transactions peaked on the week closing on 06 June 2022 with over 2.4M NFTs being minted and over 21K trades on OpenSea. 

Nansen NFT Trends Dashboard

Polygon NFT projects with 10 and 100 sales per week have experienced strong growth over time, increasing from 818 and 316 projects respectively a year ago to 3,436 and 467 projects currently. Suggesting that the entire Polygon NFT space is growing and gaining traction. 

Nansen NFT Trends Dashboard

Deep Dives

NFT God Mode

NFT God Mode offers collection level data for all 397k collections we cover and the “Overview'' tab is also available for our Nansen Lite subscribers. There’s 5 tabs in total - Overview, Balances, Owners, Trades, Owners’ Activity. Each tab focuses on showcasing various important data points such as changes in wallet balances, seniority distribution, hodler activity and popular collections among holders of the NFT. Below are some of the various dashboards that we have across the different tabs. 

NFT God Mode Overview - The Singularity x Reddit
NFT God Mode Owners - The Singularity x Reddit

NFT Wallet Profiler

NFT wallet profiler allows you to do deep dives on any wallet that interests you. It shows a summary of the current value of the NFTs in the wallet, what NFTs the wallet is holding, a breakdown of the profit and loss when it comes to NFTs and historical transactions. 

NFT Wallet Profiler for PsyRen


The Polygon NFT ecosystem is a growing one and definitely one that we will be keeping an eye on. It’s often difficult to separate hype from quality in the NFT space and on-chain analytics can help surface the signal from the noise. Sign up for a Nansen account and start exploring today!


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