Q1 2024: Nansen Product Update

Q1 2024: Nansen Product Update

Discover Nansen's quarterly updates: new blockchain integrations and features to give you a market edge!

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As the first quarter of 2024 comes to a close, we’re thrilled by the crypto market’s growth. Over the past three months, our team has also been hard at work, pushing out new updates and improvements.

Let's look at what's new and how to use Nansen to help you succeed in crypto!

New Chain Additions

In the past 3 months, we've added 4 chains: Near, Mantle, Chiliz, and zkSync. Now you can access key stats like active addresses and transaction counts, and discover top projects. Just visit the Chains dashboard and explore each chain for details!

This is just the start. We're developing the other features to offer detailed insights across these new chain additions.

Enhanced Multi-Chain Support

In addition to Ethereum, Wallet Profiler for Token and Wallet Pair Profiler are now available on:

  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • Base
  • BNB Chain
  • Linea
  • Polygon

Token Overlap now also supports Linea.

You can see the supported chains for each feature by clicking the Search bar or pressing CMD+K, and hover over the number of chains.

AI-Powered Signals for You

Our new feature on the Signals page brings you personalized updates just for you based on your activity on Nansen. Exclusive to Professional subscribers.

Enhance your feed by liking, clicking, and adding to the watchlist the tokens you're interested in, and disliking those you're not. Over time, watch as your feed becomes increasingly customized to align with your specific interests and needs. 

Smart Money Dashboard New Features

Smart Money, one of our most popular dashboards, surfaces quick insights on Smart Money trades, trends and activity.

In the Overview tab of Smart Money dashboard in Nansen 2, we've introduced a new feature: Smart Money Performance chart, and added 2 new tabs: Balance and DEX Trades.

It’s currently available on Ethereum. And the dashboard is accessible for subscribers of Nansen Pioneer and Professional plans.

Smart Money Performance

The chart displays profitable traders over a 30-day period by default. You can also choose a different time frame, or include Smart Money traders of ETH and Stablecoins.

This is useful as you can discover new tokens that you might not have considered otherwise, or observe emerging trends of a certain token category.


The new Balances tab has 2 features: Smart Money Token Holdings and Smart Money Leaderboard.

The Smart Money Token Holdings table tracks how Smart Money balances are shifting over time, indicating buying or selling trends.

You can also toggle the display of their holdings to show either the percentage change or the USD value change. 

Additionally, use filters to narrow down the data. For example, filter by your token of interest, or set a filter for tokens held by at least 10 Smart Money holders and then sort the table to see the most recent changes in their balances over the past hour or 24H to discover some of their degen bets. 😄

Tokens Traded

This is a new treemap token chart ranked by Smart Money DEX trading volumes. Use this chart's filters for New Tokens (under 30 days), Micro Caps, or Low Caps to find tokens with potentially high risk and reward.

DEX Trades

The live DEX Trades table shows Smart Money token buys and sells in real time, along with the value of each transaction.  

Refine the table using filters for Smart Money labels, or apply your Custom Labels or Smart Segments to surface specific traders of your interest.

New Smart Alert types

We’ve released 5 new Smart Alert types in Nansen 2:

  • SM Token Flows: Smart Money token in/outflow above a predefined threshold
  • Exchange Flows: ETH and token in/outflow from centralized exchanges
  • Hot Contracts: Popular new contracts with significant capital flows
  • Token Signals: Token alerts on unusual onchain activities
  • NFT Signals: NFT alerts on unusual onchain activities

Currently, Smart Alerts in Nansen 2 are available on Ethereum. Stay tuned for a multichain Smart Alert experience, which we plan to roll out in the coming months.

Learn more about new Smart Alerts and how to use them here

Simplified workflow

Now you can set up Smart Alerts in just a few clicks while navigating through Nansen.

We've simplified the entire Smart Alert workflow, focused on the key information and reduced the steps. And if you get too many alerts or want to modify what you're alerted for, you can tweak the settings in the Smart Alerts page.


On Signals Feed, click the 🔔 Set Alert button located in the top right corner to select Signal types that you’d like to receive alerts from.

On Token God Mode 

Similarly, you can create alerts by clicking the 🔔 Set Alert button located in the top right corner to create alerts on balance changes from the token holders.

On Profiler

Click the 🔔 next to the wallet address or name to get alerts for its onchain activities. You can choose up to 3 Alert Types for the wallet (Token Transfer, Smart Contract Call and NFT Transfer)

This is similar to our existing alert type in Nansen 1. 

New Smart Segment features

Smart Segments, a unique and popular feature of Nansen 2, has received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from our users. 

The new improvements will help you better identify "alpha wallets” that match your specific criteria and uncover their onchain activities, making it even more powerful than before.

Introducing 5 new conditions:

  • Top Holders of Token, First Holders of Token, Top Holders of NFT, First Holders of NFT, and an option to Exclude Labels
  • Enhanced "Holds Token" filters with options to specify the USD value and select a timeframe for more targeted searches
  • Add Condition Group: Now supports both “AND” and “OR” logic for more flexible searches
  • Improved Smart Segment insights: Displays wallet balances and labels in each segment
  • Editable Conditions: Conditions are now editable, making it easier for you to refine a Smart Segment

Here is a handy guide on how to get the most out of the new features. 

NFT God Mode

We’ve introduced 3 new tabs to help you explore your favorite NFT collections or research new ones with a deeper lens:

  • Overview: Get price trends, trading volumes, top bids, and listings. See who’s buying or selling, including Smart Money movements
  • Owners: Look into top owner balances, average cost basis, and trading behaviors. See Smart Money holdings, and NFTs held by various periods
  • Items: Find items potentially undervalued based on AI analysis of past sales and rarity

To use NFT God Mode, you can navigate to the NFTs in the left navigation menu and then select a collection on the page. Alternatively, just search for an NFT by typing its name in the search bar or using the CMD+K shortcut.

Take a moment to see how Alex, our CEO, uses NFT God Mode for Pudgy Penguins in just 7 minutes. 👍

“What’s New?” Feed

In addition to the main updates mentioned above, there are several smaller but helpful enhancements you'll find useful too. Make sure to explore our "What's New?" feed to stay updated with our weekly releases every Friday!

Navigation Menu Simplified 

The new, streamlined nav is much easier to find your way around Nansen. You can still access all Nansen tools via Search, or ⌘K / Ctrl+K. Token-specific search tools such as Token God Mode can also be found on the Token Paradise page.

Upcoming Releases

Profiler PnL Improvements

We are revamping how we calculate and display PnL in the Profiler and across Nansen. The changes will offer a deeper insight into various wallets and provide a more precise overview of their PnL.

Multi-chain Hot Contracts, Smart Alerts

  • Spot the hottest contracts with significant capital inflow across our supported chains, like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Base, and others
  • Stay ahead with instant notifications about tokens, wallets, and Smart Money moves on our integrated chains

Support for New Chains

Adding Solana support is a key focus for us this quarter, along with Blast and zkSync. Dive deep into tokens and wallets using Token God Mode and Profiler.

We hope you find our latest updates beneficial for your crypto journey. Your thoughts matter to us, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them here or send us a message on Discord.


The authors of this content and members of Nansen may be participating or invested in some of the protocols or tokens mentioned herein. The foregoing statement acts as a disclosure of potential conflicts of interest and is not a recommendation to purchase or invest in any token or participate in any protocol. Nansen does not recommend any particular course of action in relation to any token or protocol. The content herein is meant purely for educational and informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial, investment, legal, tax or any other professional or other advice. None of the content and information herein is presented to induce or to attempt to induce any reader or other person to buy, sell or hold any token or participate in any protocol or enter into, or offer to enter into, any agreement for or with a view to buying or selling any token or participating in any protocol. Statements made herein (including statements of opinion, if any) are wholly generic and not tailored to take into account the personal needs and unique circumstances of any reader or any other person. Readers are strongly urged to exercise caution and have regard to their own personal needs and circumstances before making any decision to buy or sell any token or participate in any protocol. Observations and views expressed herein may be changed by Nansen at any time without notice. Nansen accepts no liability whatsoever for any losses or liabilities arising from the use of or reliance on any of this content.

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