Smart Money Stablecoin Index Updates

Smart Money Stablecoin Index Updates

We've made some improvements to the Smart Money: Stablecoins vs All Coins chart in order to provide more color on the macro environment from a Smart Money perspective. We detail them in this article.

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Hello there Nansen Explorers 🧭,

Today, we're excited to announce a few updates to Smart Money: Stablecoins vs All Coins chart! With these new updates, we aim to provide a clearer picture of where does smart money stand and how stabled up are they. See what we've got in store for you below!

A more recent timescale

The chart originally started from Jan 2020. In order to keep things recent and updated, the Smart Money Stablecoin vs All Coins chart will now start from the first day of the previous year.

For example, if today is the 17 Dec 2026, the chart will start from 1 Jan 2025.

Improving how the chart is made

We made some improvements to how the chart is formulated on a daily basis. Now, the index is “fixed” when we look back into the past.  For example, a 11.3% on 13 May 2021 is defined as such: For all addresses that have the smart money label on the 13th of May, what was their stablecoin holdings as a representation of their total token holdings? Note that we are considering an address’s holdings at that point in time, excluding what they have staked, collaterised or deposited.

Filter by segment

Using the Segment Drop Down - our users can now look at the smart money stablecoin graphs from different perspectives. For example, you can compare All Segments VS Funds to gain a more nuanced understanding of how different traders are feeling about the macro market.


ICYMI - Our Recent Smart Money Research Report

We have just launched a Smart Money Research Report here, which is an overview of Smart Money and how it can be used for trading. For our higher iq friends - check out our quantitive report here!

What’s next?

We’re currently working on adding more information to the chart - such as the ability to toggle for ETH price. Let us know on Twitter or Canny if you have any other suggestions! See ya then 😉


March 2021 saw large balance variations coming from one smart wallet. We expect less extreme moves going forward as the number of mapped addresses and the balance of stablecoins strucutrally increase.

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