Unveiling Nansen 2: Effortless Speed, Exceptional Performance

Unveiling Nansen 2: Effortless Speed, Exceptional Performance

Nansen announces the public beta launch of Nansen 2, now enriched with additional features since its early access release.

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Innovation is in our DNA. Nansen has consistently been the gold standard for onchain analytics. Crypto luminaries and forward-thinking investors trust our data, we empower them to stay ahead in the competitive landscape, and with Nansen 2, we have reimagined the future of onchain exploration.

“Crypto investors often struggle with multiple tools to surface alpha. Nansen 2 offers a 100x improvement in the speed of our product, innovative new features such as Signals and Smart Segments, and the power to track everything onchain in one place." — Alex Svanevik, CEO at Nansen

In the clutter of market data, finding the right signals that matter is key. In addition to features we’ve introduced back on September 13, we are excited to announce two major updates that will supercharge your workflows.

Focus on What Matters

The new labels and segments in Nansen Profiler show a comprehensive overview of various market participants, providing key insights on crypto market dynamics.

More than just convenience; this provides you with the signals needed to make informed decisions and uncover opportunities. This feature shows you an aggregated view of wallet addresses grouped under a common label or segment, offering insights into wallet holdings, counterparties, and transactions.

New labels that are available in Nansen Profiler today

1) Follow the activities of the top 1000 millionaires that are most active in the last 30 days

  • Active ETH Millionaire
  • Active Token Millionaire

2) Track the top 1000 Early BASE Bridgers that are most active on Base Chain in the last 30 days

  • Active Early Base Bridger

3) Identify trending tokens and trading behaviors of the top 1000 users by volume traded who are using the trading bots: BananaGun, Maestro, Unibot

  • Top BananaGun Bot User
  • Top Maestro Bot User
  • Top Unibot User

4) Gauge market supply, assess the commitment level of stakeholders, and identify emerging projects with engaged backers

  • Investor Distribution Recipient

5) See the flow of NFT royalties and what recipients did after receiving them, and understand the overall health and trends within the NFT space

  • Top OpenSea Royalties Recipient

6) Identify investment patterns from crypto alpha groups who may know valuable information that you don’t 

  • AlfaDAO NFT Holder
  • Ouroboros Pass NFT Holder
  • Library Onchain NFT Holder

7) Monitor the top NFT traders in the last 30 days

  • NFT Rising Star

8) Analyze the top depositors into various entities and contracts

  • Top Circle Depositor
  • Degen Rollbit Depositor
  • Degen Shuffle Depositor

Analyze Your Smart Segments

Smart Segments allow you to effortlessly identify lists of wallets based on specific conditions you have set. Utilize Nansen Profiler to analyze and track the activity of your segments in one aggregated view. These personalized insights enable you to monitor and evaluate the success of your holdings against similar profiles.

Clarity Amidst Complexity

It is important to provide clarity and ease of access to various chains. Users are easily able to analyze onchain data points for tokens on various chains that they're on. No more guessing games; this feature ensures clarity and convenience at your fingertips, enabling you to effortlessly access token information on a specific chain through a Command+K search or by switching to a different chain directly on the Token God Mode page.

The following chains will be available at launch:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BNB Chain
  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche

A Plan for Everyone

Our commitment has always been to help onchain pioneers win. In addition to Nansen 2, we are thrilled to introduce new pricing tiers – so that even more people can experience Nansen. 

By offering a wider range of options, our goal is to make Nansen more accessible to a broader audience. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from the unique features and insights our platform provides. This initiative represents a significant step in our ongoing journey to democratize access to onchain data and analytics, making it a more inclusive space for all.

More exciting features coming soon

  • New DEX trades tab on Smart Money dashboard
  • UI enhancements to Smart Alerts feature
  • Added chain support to Token God Mode such as Base, Linea

This is only the beginning. Welcome to the future of onchain analytics. Welcome to Nansen 2.


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