What's New? May 2023

What's New? May 2023

Discover the latest product updates and Nansen-powered research released in May 2023!

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GM Nansen Explorers,

It’s been a while and we’re excited to reconnect with you to share our recent progress and dive into all the exciting updates. We aim to make your Nansen experience even better and equip you with valuable insights that you can put into action. 

In addition to our product updates, do explore the featured Research Highlights towards the end of this blog. They delve into the latest market trends and introduce you to new protocols that potentially are shaping the industry. 

Product Updates

Searching for Alpha is much easier with the new search bar

Find what you’re looking for quickly on Nansen. There’s also filtering to make the experience the best it can be. You can search:

  • Tokens: By token name, symbol, or address, and it takes you to → Token God Mode
  • Wallets: By address or ENS domain → Wallet Profiler
  • NFTs: By collection name or contract address → NFT God Mode
  • Dashboards within Nansen: By name such as “Exchange Flows” → Specific dashboard page
  • Research Articles: By keywords → Research Portal

💡 Pro tip: Tokens and NFTs are chain-specific, for example, to search “ARB” on Arbitrum, do select “Arbitrum” from the chain drop-down menu first.

Import databases and track addresses that matter to you the most

You can change the label that Nansen shows for a certain wallet by just clicking the ⭐️ star icon on Wallet Profiler, and these Custom Labels can be seen throughout Nansen with a 🏷️ label emoji, making it easy to spot them in the wild.

Of course, you can also add or edit an address directly on the Watchlist, eliminating the need to search for the address first or see it on a table.

We know that many of you have a large database of wallets to keep track of, so we've upgraded our Watchlist limits and these numbers may increase in the future too!

  • Lite users can now add up to 20 addresses
  • Standard users up to 500
  • Alpha/VIP users up to 2000

You can upload a CSV file containing your wallet addresses and labels in just 3 simple steps.

This is a game-changer for anyone who has their own address database. Check it out here.

ETH Staked vs Withdrawn

What’s the potential selling pressure on ETH withdrawn? Monitor key metrics of the Ethereum Shanghai/Shapella upgrade, including ETH deposits and withdrawals, notable addresses and entities, as well as ETH staked on LSDs, from this comprehensive dashboard.

Be sure to read our Data Journalist Martin Lee’s Ethereum Shanghai Upgrade Explained, Key Metrics to Track, and Future Predictions too!

Identify wallets by segment, including 🤓 Smart Money

Nansen's wallet labels are highly valuable for identifying entities and Smart Money. However, we have received feedback that many users are unsure about the meaning of our labels or how to use them effectively. For example, some users are unaware that there are 13 different Smart Money segments that indicate funds, private sale investors, airdrop recipients, liquidity providers, DEX traders, or NFT-related Smart Money.

Therefore, we have upgraded our wallet label widgets so you can now easily access label categorization for any address, with descriptions available on hover. 

In the above example, we can see many 🤓 Smart Money addresses, especially Airdrop Pro, First Mover Staking, Smart DEX Trader, and Smart LP have restaked their LSTs (Liquid Staking Tokens) on EigenLayer. Several Smart Money wallets made multiple deposits in order to deposit above the 32-token per transaction cap.

Smart Money labels are prioritized and color-coded for better visibility. These enhancements help you quickly discover relevant wallets. See the attached image for an example of Pranksy's wallet before and after the release. 

Monitor TRON’s on-chain activities

In terms of circulating supply, TRON is the largest blockchain for USDT, with 10 billion more USDT than Ethereum at the moment. Now you can use this TRON dashboard to monitor its on-chain activities including the number of wallets, transactions, and top entities. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, as more entity labels and on-chain data will soon be included.

Research Highlights

Don’t miss out on the new Data Insights section on Research Portal that showcases some of the interesting graphs featured in our latest research reports.

☕️ Read Nansen’s Data-backed Research Articles 

Binance Token Listings: A Look at Possible Frontrunning Activities

Key takeaways: 

The study detected suspicious trading activity resembling frontrunning and insider trading, categorizing wallets into funded and active wallets with significant balances and drained wallets with insignificant balances, with ongoing challenges in tracking insider information, differentiating between wash-trading and frontrunning, and monitoring token transfers to CEX addresses, as evidenced by recent listings such as SYN, GNS, and LQTY.

Where are we in the crypto cycle? 

Key takeaways:

This newsletter provides an overview of tactical and cyclical crypto indicators, suggesting caution due to neutral short-term indicators and a continued range-bound price regime, while highlighting that fundamental risk-rewards for crypto are currently lower compared to USD cash and US IG credit, with the potential for improvement if the Fed cuts rates, although this is unlikely to happen this year and may be more probable in 2024.

What are Early zkSync Whales doing On-chain?

Key takeaways: 

The top 25 early whale bridgers to zkSync Era hold an average of 32% of their total holdings on zkSync, mostly consisting of spot ETH, USDC, and a smaller portion of MUTE, indicating significant idle capital on the platform, primarily utilized in DEXs like SyncSwap, iZumi Finance, Mute, and Velocore, with a focus on ETH/USDC pools and minimal interest in zkSync altcoins, while upcoming derivatives apps like UniDex and Derivio are being tested but caution is advised due to previous rug pulls on zkSync, highlighting the potential for deploying idle capital when new products launch during a potential alt-season.

But wait, there's more!

We also have a major alpha leak for you - be ready for the new and improved Nansen, launching in Q3 2023. Get more with less.


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