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Combining best-in-class analytics and institutional-grade feature-rich APIs to unlock data-driven opportunities on the blockchain.

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Train Powerful Algorithms

Use Nansen insights to spot early trends and help anticipate market movements.

Curate Unique Market Perspectives

Leverage bespoke Nansen reports and metrics to discover interesting wallets and unique trends

Manage Risk

Conduct wallet, tokens, and transactional level due diligence with real-time on-chain data

By not only showing you what happened on-chain, but also who made it happen, Nansen data provides richer context and more actionable insights.

What they say about us

"Nansen is currently the best on-chain analytics tool available on the market. It is my go-to dataset when attempting to dissect on-chain movements and to the learned eye, contains plentiful bouts of alpha. Definitely a must-use for crypto professionals"

DeFiance Capital

"Nansen is my go-to tool for crypto analytics because it uniquely combines on-chain data with a rich wallet database. Simply put, I do not make investment decisions without consulting it first."

Spencer Noon
Spencer Noon
Head of Investments, DTC Capital

Product and Services

Nansen API

Programmatic access to a diverse set of data subjects, such as tokens, wallets, and trade data.

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Nansen Query

Make Nansen your own. You have full control over blockchain data and how to use it.


Team Plans

Get a better discount when you subscribe for multi-seat and annual licences.

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