The best data analytics in Web3 — enhanced by a powerful suite of services for professional crypto investors

The best data analytics in Web3

Nansen Alpha combines best-in-class on-chain analytics with cutting-edge research, a crypto-native Discord community, access to thought leaders & blue chip projects, private events, AMA’s and voice calls.

The Best Teams Use Nansen

The Best Teams Use Nansen

The Best Teams Use Nansen

Institutional Research

Get full access to Nansen research and exclusive Alpha reports. Leverage our team of specialized research analysts as your very own.

Exclusive Discord

Engage in discussions with a community of vetted crypto-natives. Learn from others to uncover new opportunities and actionable insight.

White-Glove Support

Enjoy 1:1 training and conversations with our research analysts and work with a dedicated account manager to maximize your Nansen experience.

War-Room Calls

Attend war-room calls with professionals to discuss market trends, macroeconomics, new opportunities and more.

Access to Projects

Interface with founders, builders, and thinkers in Nansen-hosted AMA’s and other community forums.


Attend in-person events, build relationships with other members and connect with some of the sharpest minds in crypto.


At least 2 out of 5 criteria must be met to qualify for entry. Exemptions may be granted on a case by case basis.

Criteria 1

Full-time Crypto

30-40+ hours spent per week actively in crypto markets.

Criteria 2

Individual AUM

1,000,000+ USD

Fund AUM

10,000,000+ USD

Criteria 3

Project Type

Blue-chip NFT, Web3 Infrastructure, Metaverse, Blue-chip Token, reputable news or information agency or equivalent.

Criteria 4


President, CEO, Chairperson of the Board, Partner, Managing Director, or Equivalent title.


Head of Research, Research Analyst (all levels), Investment Lead or Equivalent title.

Criteria 5

Reputable writer/thought-leader

5000+ organic followers on Twitter, 100,000k+ subscribers on YouTube, or equivalent reach determined by the team.

Criteria 4


President, CEO, Chairperson of the Board, Partner, Managing Director, or equivalent title.


Head of Research, Research Analyst (all levels), Investment Lead or equivalent title.

Criteria 5

Reputable Writer or Thought-leader

Large following on Twitter, YouTube, blog or equivalent.

Signup Process



Take a few minutes to fill in the application form and share more about your experience in crypto. New membership spots are limited and all applicants will be vetted by the team. You will hear back from us within one week of applying.


Meet with us

If there is a spot in Alpha for you, we’ll meet virtually for an introductory call. Here you will learn about Nansen and how Alpha can be valuable on your crypto journey.


Get onboarded and trained

Complete payment and meet your account manager who will onboard and train you. Learn how to apply Nansen into your investment strategies and receive guides on how to best get started.


Join the Alpha community

You’re ready to join the Alpha pack! Get introduced to the community, find and share alpha while networking with some of the sharpest minds in crypto.

Join Nansen’s Exclusive Community for Professional Crypto Investors


“Nansen Alpha is an incredible community that attracted almost all the smart investors in the space and continue to generate alpha every day, from new farming pools to new projects, from NFTs drops to protocol bugs. Its subscription price is hugely compensated by the opportunities that are generated.”

Simone Conti

General Partner at Dialectic

“Alpha is a merge between research, community and on-chain data, when combined it creates the #1 platform for professional crypto investors. Alpha’s members and team of analysts give us timely insights - particularly during periods of high market volatility. The quality of alpha we find couldn’t be found anywhere else.”

Steven Shi

Investment Partner at Amber Group

“The Alpha plan gives us all the benefits of Nansen’s on-chain data merged with a community of crypto-natives and industry mavericks. We especially enjoy participating in the war room calls and macro discussions where we can share our insights and thoughts around the hot topics in the industry.”

Wojtek Pawlowski

Crypto Trading Analyst at Maven 11

“Alpha is the most comprehensive resource for navigating volatile crypto markets. Nansen is unrivaled for analyzing on-chain activity and the community comprises many of the industry’s top researchers and investors who focus on crypto’s major sub-sectors and also traditional financial markets and monetary policy. Alpha has provided us with an unending stream of insights.”


Venture Partner at One Block Capital

“Nansen Alpha provides a rich community of like-minded individuals and insightful research which helps our investment team stay on top of the latest opportunities. We have achieved greater results with all the time and resources saved by being apart of Nansen Alpha's community.”

Lucas Palomeque

Chief Operating Officer at CTF Capital


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Save 17%!
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Billed annually

Save 33%!
$3,000/ Month
$2,400/ Month

Billed quarterly

Save 20%!
$1,500/ Month

Billed annually

Save 50%!


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