Announcing Nansen Connect: The Messaging App of Web3

Announcing Nansen Connect: The Messaging App of Web3

Nansen announces the launch of a new, Web 3 native messaging app.

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GM Nansen explorers! 

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of a new product that we believe will serve as a foundational piece of the social layer of Web 3: Nansen Connect. 

Nansen Connect is our attempt to answer the following question: “What does a crypto-native messaging app look like?”

For starters, we believe that a blockchain wallet is a form of identity. From a social perspective, the wallet labeling services pioneered by Nansen work a little like a game: a wallet reveals specific qualities about an individual, and advanced users can pick and choose what they show the world. 

Wallet labels for NFT influencer Pranksy

As a result, blockchain addresses can grant savvy users significant social clout. However, there’s a missing element preventing users from fully leveraging addresses as a form of identity: a way to form groups using blockchain data, and a way to communicate within and between those groups.

Enter Nansen Connect. 

Using Connect, users can log in with their crypto wallet, select a username based on their Nansen wallet labels, join groups based on crypto holdings and onchain behaviors, send DMs to other users (with end-to-end encryption), monitor key collection statistics and user holding information in real-time, and will eventually be able to build OTC channels for more efficient trading.

Note: We’re launching Nansen Connect out of the gate for select NFT and Nansen label-based communities, including Smart Money and Blue Chip NFT Holder channels, and will be expanding access over time. 

In sum: a feature-rich messaging app supplemented with full blockchain compatibility and analytical access.  

If you’re an Nansen user and want to get involved with Nansen Connect, join the conversation at If you’re a NFT developer looking for a secure way to communicate exclusively with your tokenholder community, reach out to us at 

The Messaging App of Web 3

We believe that Nansen is a natural fit for a social app. By nature, Nansen’s labels on over 120 million addresses are a form of behavior-based identity – a list of traits and qualities predicated on user actions, and a way to display blockchain data that explicitly works to surface a human or other agent in the noise. 

Ultimately, this new product pivots Nansen from being an information hub to also being a social hub. It’s a natural evolution from individual labels into communities and identities. 

Additionally, we envision this app as a compass in helping users navigate Web 3 – a largely uncharted world where the rules and social norms are still in the process of being established. 

In meatspace, it’s rude to look into your neighbor’s wallet – in crypto, you can chat with someone while viewing their net worth in real time. The act of choosing a PFP signals not just affiliation with a particular group, but also reveals to the world information about a user based on their on-chain history. 

Two users communicating via end-to-end encrypted DMs

This has significant implications for how communities form and interact. On Nansen Connect, collectors can monitor in real-time whether developers are dumping their holdings, reducing the risk of scams. Additionally, communities will be able to better filter noise within their own ranks, as it will be easier than ever to recognize and acknowledge the highest-conviction holders – an informational overlay that we believe will fundamentally alter how group chats operate. 

While certain Web 2 platforms can be used to token-gate communities, they rely on plugins and are rife with scams. Nansen Connect offers a secure, crypto native method for users and groups to explore the frontiers of Web 3 communication. 

Key Features

The Beta version of Connect will focus primarily on profile picture (PFP) communities and users, as well as label-based communities and end-to-end encrypted direct messages. 

Users will be able to join groups based on their holdings, view key stats about a collection, and easily move between the chat interface and user wallet profiles. Initially the chats will be a single continuous stream or permissioned Announcement channels, but over time Connect will add sub-channel functionality.

At launch, label-based channels will include Nansen Announcements, Smart Money, Bluechip Holder, Millionaire Club (millionaire and billionaire label), Airdrop Pro, Medium Dex Trader (med dex label and above), Rare NFT Collector (rare, epic and legendary labels), and GM. Collections with dedicated channels at launch will include Pudgy Penguins, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, KaijuKingz, CyberKongz, Hashmasks, Parallel, and Weirdo Ghost Gang, along with Azuki, BAYC, Moonbirds, Doodles, and CloneX.

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After launch we plan to regularly onboard new waves of communities. Over time, we will expand group options to enable users to quickly form new groups, create Smart Money-specific channels, and may explore enabling OTC trading between Connect users. 

In crypto, be it a DAO or a chat room, there are certain key spaces where the future is being decided. 

Be a part of that conversation on Nansen Connect. 


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