Introducing Alpha Perks: Helping You Win Onchain

Introducing Alpha Perks: Helping You Win Onchain

Alpha Perks is a new initiative designed to give Nansen Alpha members an additional edge in the market through exclusive benefits and discounts on leading crypto products.

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Staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving onchain landscape can be challenging. That's why we're excited to introduce "Alpha Perks"—an initiative designed to give Nansen Alpha members an additional edge in the market through exclusive benefits and discounts on leading crypto products.

We’re launching with four key partners: Delphi Digital (Research), Moni (Offchain discovery), TokenUnlocks (Tokenomics & Unlocks Data), and Velo Data (CEX data).

Today is just the start of our plans, and we’re already in discussions with other leading teams about offering even more to our Alpha community. 

Read on to learn more about Nansen Alpha and Alpha Perks…

What is Alpha Perks

Alpha Perks is a new initiative we've launched to enhance the Alpha community experience. Our ultimate aim is to transform Alpha into the leading onchain community where investors, founders, and funds go to win onchain with the support they need. 

By partnering with crypto-native teams, Alpha can benefit from their products, learn how to use them in combination with Nansen, and gain the expertise of their teams. In return for these Perks, we offer these teams a limited number of discounted seats they can offer their community.

What Alpha Perks Are Available?

We are thrilled to share our four launch partners, each bringing unique strengths and benefits to Alpha:

1. Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital is a leading research firm focused on the crypto and digital asset sector. Known for its comprehensive insights, Delphi serves investors, teams, and institutions with research reports, a continuously updated and curated alpha feed, as well as direct access to analysts. Delphi’s goal is to offer unparalleled research and actionable insights within the digital asset space.

  • Perk: $3,000 discount off a Pro+ Plan (limited access)

2. Moni

Moni is a crypto-native ecosystem of Alpha Hunters that provides a suite of useful discovery tools and resources. Moni Discover is a social analytics platform that uses AI to find, track, and analyze early-stage Web3 projects and smart accounts.


  1. Access to the Moni Discover Bot
  2. Enhanced access to Dealflow
  3. Extended 3 Month Free Trial, and
  4. 10% Discount on Moni Discover

3. TokenUnlocks

TokenUnlocks is a leading token analytics platform, providing real-time insights into vested tokens and unlocks, along with expert data-driven tokenomics analysis; they offer standardized data to enhance decision-making and make complex crypto data easily digestible.


  1. Extended 3 Month Free Trial
  2. 15% Discount on a Pro Subscription (limited access)

4. Velo

Velo offers a user-friendly platform for faster, easier centralized exchange data. Users can view aggregated data from the largest crypto exchanges in real-time via web app or via API with Python/JS libraries.


  1. Extended 3 Month Free Trial
  2. Discount on a Velo Subscription (limited access)

Over the coming weeks and months, we aim to have each team feature in War Rooms to show how you can leverage their product(s) to win onchain.

But wait, there’s more…👀

In addition to announcing Alpha Perks, we’re excited to highlight our new Referral Program for all Alpha Members!

How it works:

  • Each Alpha member will receive a unique code from their dedicated CSM, which can be used at checkout for Professional Subscriptions only.
  • The person successfully referred to Nansen Alpha will get a 5% discount on a yearly subscription, and the Alpha member referring them will receive 600 $USDC.
    • $11,988 - $599 = $11,388 in either fiat or crypto.

The launch of our referral program will enrich the Alpha experience by expanding our community with high-quality, aligned members.

Win with Alpha

Nansen is the leading onchain data provider, labeling over 350M onchain wallets, giving traders and investors an edge. Nansen helps its users win in the markets by discovering new opportunities, performing due diligence, and defending their positions. Alpha is Nansen’s exclusive community of Smart Money investors, including top fund managers, VCs, founders, sophisticated traders, and more.

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