Introducing Nansen's Wallet Profiler PnL Feature: Now Live on 8 Chains

Introducing Nansen's Wallet Profiler PnL Feature: Now Live on 8 Chains

The most advanced multi-chain DEX profit and loss (PnL) analytics tool.

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Introducing Profiler PnL, the most advanced multi-chain DEX trade profit and loss (PnL) analytics tool in the market now.Analyze and track your PnL across multiple chains in one place.

  • Track Your Win Rate: Check your average ROI, win rate, and top trades
  • Detailed Token Insights: Get a breakdown of cost basis for both realized and unrealized PnL for each token
  • Wallet Analysis: Get actionable insights from the strategies of Smart Money, traders or funds
  • Multi-Chain Support: Track your PnL across 8 different chains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, Fantom, Linea, and Optimism.

To start, search for a wallet, or click on any wallet address to open Profiler, then select the PnL tab. Here are some ways that you can use this feature:

Mechanism Capital and Memecoins

You may have seen our tweet about Mechanism Capital, and this is one of their wallets trading memecoins like TRUMP, APU, and ZYN.

This portfolio is currently valued at over $3.3M.

How about their PnL?

They've realized $1.2M in gains, including $950K from TRUMP and $246K from ZYN.

They have $1.46M in unrealized gains in TRUMP and a unrealized loss of $157K in ZYN.

Additionally, they may have conducted an OTC deal on April 29, acquiring 2,290,000,000 APU paid with TRUMP tokens. As shown in the screenshot above, they currently have $556K in unrealized gains in APU.

PENDLE Top Trader

connorpd.eth is one of the top traders of PENDLE, with $680K in realized gains and $1.38M in unrealized gains. If you trade PENDLE, you might want to consider setting a 🔔 Smart Alert for this address!

Ansem’s Success on BASE

We've labeled the funding/custody addresses for both FriendTech and Farcaster accounts, making it easier for you to discover the wallets of CT influencers. You can see what they are buying or selling and whether they have sold off assets that may impact you.

Take Ansem as an example, he has successfully traded 3 memecoins on Base:

  • NORMIE: $37.2K in realized gains, but the remaining balance is now worth just $0.45 due to the recent exploit
  • KEYCAT: $29.6K in realized gains, $34.4K unrealized gains
  • DOGINME: $19.1K in realized gains, $1.8K unrealized gains
  • FRIEND: $10.1K in realized gains, with the remaining balance worth about $34K

@CrashiusClay69 Turning $15K Into $6M

Crash, a well-known personality in crypto, has been a vocal supporter of BRETT from the start, even during the controversy over BRETT's insider allocations and trading.

He put $15K into BRETT shortly after it kicked off. As BRETT's value hit its all-time high on May 29, Crash's 72,068,667 BRETT is valued at more than $6M. To date, he has not sold any of his holdings in his public wallet.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new updates, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share them with us here or drop us a message on Discord.


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