Introducing Nansen Research Portal — The Direct Path to Alpha

Introducing Nansen Research Portal — The Direct Path to Alpha

The new Nansen Research Portal is your full-service destination for unique and curated on-chain research and insights.

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Looking ahead is critical to investment success, but surfacing the signal among the noise is difficult. Every day crypto grows increasingly complex and volatile, but the crypto analytics space is also becoming more fragmented with the introduction of a new tool or website on a near-daily basis.

At Nansen, we aim to slice through this complexity with a world-leading ecosystem of data, research, and tooling for investors — built on a foundation the industry trusts.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Nansen Research Portal — the latest addition to the Nansen Web3 ecosystem. The Research Portal will be a one-stop destination that brings Nansen’s label-enriched research and insights front and centre — while also making them available to more users than ever.

Crypto Research That Inspires Action

Until today, research created in-house by our team of specialist Research Analysts was available only to our exclusive Alpha tier of customers. Nansen Research Portal signifies a step change in our research and education strategy, bringing specialist research to our Standard and VIP tier customers while simultaneously elevating our Alpha tier further with new programs and services.

Nansen provides the best on-chain data across multiple chains. In addition, our in-house portfolio tracker and encrypted wallet messaging system puts Nansen in a unique position to create in-depth reports, forensic analysis and more.

To showcase our one-of-a-kind research we’re releasing two new reports that give a unique investment perspective on major industry topics that you can’t get anywhere else: The Merge - A Deep Dive With Nansen and Setting The Scene: What is the Current State of the Crypto Market.

A Closer Look at Nansen Research Portal

Nansen Research Portal houses research on crypto ecosystems, projects, infrastructure, and industries — including NFTs, gaming, DeFi, stablecoins, and DAOs — providing deep insights into major topics and trends that will inform better decisions and help you to build stronger investment strategies. We’ll also host exclusive contributor pieces from some of the best-known names in the world of crypto – including launch partners QCP Capital, Amber Group, and Cumberland.

New research and insights are also delivered daily by our growing team of specialist blockchain Research Analysts.

See the table at the bottom of this post for a full breakdown of our research offering by tier.

Nansen research helps some of the world’s biggest investors to unlock alpha and become first-movers. Nansen research isn’t influenced by internal investment decisions. Our Research Analysts create informative, actionable, and opinionated research without distraction.

Visit Nansen Research Portal and learn how Nansen research can help take your investment strategies to the next level.

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