Introducing Nansen Portfolio – Your Personal DeFi Dashboard

Introducing Nansen Portfolio – Your Personal DeFi Dashboard

Nansen Portfolio enables crypto investors to instantly unlock critical data and aggregated insights for their on-chain holdings and activity.

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GM Nansen Explorers!

Back in May we announced our acquisition of Ape Board, an industry-leading portfolio tracker. Since the acquisition, we’ve been working hard to integrate Ape Board onto our platform and supercharge it with Nansen’s wallet-enriched, real-time blockchain analytics and tooling. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Nansen Portfolio!

Nansen Portfolio enables crypto investors to rapidly create an unlimited number of portfolio dashboards by connecting any number of cross-chain wallets — instantly unlocking critical data and aggregated insights for their on-chain holdings and activity.

Easily track market movements, assess your exposure, view performance over time, and connect to Nansen for deeper exploration. By leveraging the connected power of Nansen, investors can not only monitor their own holdings, but also follow the activity of whales, Smart Money, and institutions quickly and efficiently — unlocking the full utility of the blockchain’s fundamentally transparent nature.

Nansen Portfolio also has the most complete blockchain coverage of any portfolio tracker in the market, with coverage of 476 protocols and 42 chains such as Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos (and we’re adding more all the time).

Prior to the acquisition, Ape Board was the third most popular portfolio tracker service by web traffic volume. By combining wallet labeling and analysis with a portfolio tracker, Nansen has merged two of the most important market intelligence tools into one, creating what we believe will quickly become a must-have platform for retail traders and institutions.

To celebrate the launch of Nansen Portfolio we’re offering up to 40% discount on Nansen subscription plans for a limited time only! Check out the promotional details at the end of this blog for more information. This offer applies to new and existing Nansen subscribers!

Portfolio Basics

Users familiar with Ape Board and other portfolio trackers will feel right at home using Nansen Portfolio.

There are two main ways you can use Nansen Portfolio: creating a portfolio and bundling multiple wallets, or by connecting/searching a single wallet address. The main difference between the two is the number of wallets you can analyze. By creating a portfolio, you are able to have an aggregated view of an unlimited number of wallets at once.

Creating cross-chain aggregated wallet portfolios is a powerful tool – but many users will find it useful to create dashboards for single wallet addresses too. With Nansen Portfolio users are able to save wallet addresses in the interface and easily keep track of them in the future, versus having to save them on an external document or find the address again.

Nansen Portfolio will have four key capabilities at launch. Three that Ape Board users will know well – Portfolio, Transactions, and Analytics – plus Wallet Profiler (for connected wallets), a Nansen feature previously only available to paid subscribers. Let’s get to know these features in more detail.

1) Portfolio Tab

After plugging in an address or setting up a profile, the Portfolio tab provides an in-depth view of all the holdings and DeFi related activity of the selected wallets across all protocols and chains that Nansen Portfolio supports. Here you’re able to track key data points such as APR, amount staked, pending rewards, and the total value of tokens owned by the wallets, including tokens deposited into protocols. 

2) Transactions Tab

Beyond being able to keep track of the current holdings and DeFi activity of selected wallets, users can navigate to the Transactions tab and get a view of the complete transaction history for selected wallets on different chains.

Gone are the days of having to open up multiple tabs of blockchain explorers such as Etherscan, Polygonscan etc, to track transactions made by wallets on different chains!

3) Analytics Tab

In the Analytics tab, you are able to get an overview of your portfolio allocation – on chain level and token level – and track the performance of your portfolio over time.

One of the most popular charts from this tab is the performance chart which tracks your portfolio’s performance against BTC and ETH, the two largest tokens by market capitalization often used as a benchmark for returns. This gives users a quick and clear picture of whether investment strategies have been paying off.

4) Wallet Profiler

Wallet Profiler is one of Nansen’s most popular features, and with this integration Nansen Portfolio users who connect a wallet and sign up to Nansen Lite will be able to go one step further and leverage Wallet Profiler’s deeper analytics – including an overview of wallet labels, balances, wallet activity, related wallets, and interactions on-chain. 

If you want to unlock the full power of Wallet Profiler – going beyond connected wallets to performing due diligence on any on-chain wallet – then you will need a Nansen Standard, VIP, or Alpha subscription. You can find out more about our subscriptions here.

What’s Next?

Nansen Portfolio’s native integration with Nansen will become deeper over time as we create more connections to the Nansen ecosystem. We’ll be adding more features to Nansen Portfolio in the months to come, including: readable wallet addresses, NFT data support, the ability to compare wallets, and a deeper integration of Nansen’s industry leading data are just some of the features in the roadmap to help you surface the signal and become Smart Money

To celebrate the launch of Nansen Portfolio, we’re launching a limited-time discount of up to 40% on Nansen Quarterly and Yearly subscriptions, including Standard, VIP, and Alpha plans. This deal is available for new and existing subscribers, but it’s only in season for the next four weeks, so get it while the sun’s out! 

The Nansen Portfolio campaign will run from: Aug 16, 2022 - 9AM EST - Sep 9, 2022 9AM EST.

Standard Plan

Quarterly subscription for $357 (20% off) or $1,068 for the year (40% off!)

VIP Plan

Quarterly subscription for $3,597 (20% off) or $10,788 for the year (40% off!)

Alpha Plan

Quarterly subscription for $7,197 (20% off) or $21,588 for the year (40% off!)

Secure your discounted Nansen subscription here!

Terms & Conditions

Nansen reserves the final interpretation and the right to modify the terms of this event without notifying users in advance.


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