Announcing DeFi Paradise: The DeFi Overview Dashboard

Announcing DeFi Paradise: The DeFi Overview Dashboard

Nansen announces the launch of a new dashboard, DeFi Paradise, which aims to provide users an overview of what's going on in DeFi and what Smart Money is doing.

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GM Nansen explorers!

Markets have been brutal the past couple of months. Convictions have been tested and it seems like nothing is safe. The need for high quality on-chain data to surface the signal has never been greater. Bull or bear, we continue to build and double down on our vision to be the most comprehensive on-chain analytics platform in the space. 

Back in May, we announced our investment in and integration of’s data. Since then we’ve integrated their data for our “Hot Contracts” dashboard and we’re leveraging their data once again to bring to you DeFi Paradise. The dashboard will be available across 7 chains - Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum and Celo. Simply toggle the chain you wish to look at via the drop down box on the top left hand corner of the homepage to update the dashboard. 

Note: DeFi Paradise is currently only available to VIP and Alpha users. We aim to have a wider release to our standard users and even lite users further down the line. Follow our socials to be informed of the release!

Similar to NFT Paradise, DeFi Paradise gives you a quick overview of what’s happening in the DeFi space and what Smart Money is doing. There are 2 tables that will be available during this release - Liquidity Pools and Staking.

Liquidity Pools

Liquidity pools are sorted by number of Txs the last 7 days by default as we want to highlight the pools that are most actively used over the said time period. You are, however, able to sort via other metrics included in the table by clicking on the arrows beside each column header. The table highlights important metrics such as APY, Impermanent Loss (IL), Volume, Liquidity, Pool token holders, Transactions and most importantly, Smart Money data (Holders, Ownership %, Txs (7D)). Although not captured in the screenshot below, the table also includes a “First Seen” column which lets you know how long the pool has been around for. 


Similar to Liquidity pools, the Staking table is sorted via the number of Txs the last 7 days and you have the freedom to sort via other metrics in the table should you wish to do so. Upon release, this table will not contain APY, volume or liquidity data. The table displays useful metrics such as Pool token holders, number of Smart Money Holders, what their percentage ownership is, transactions over the last 7 days and the date the pool was launched. 

Tips & tricks

Found a pool you’re invested in or interested in monitoring? You can easily set up smart alerts for the pool by right-clicking on the pool and filling in the parameters that you want to be alerted for. This allows you to get real-time alerts when something happens and gives you the opportunity to react quickly.

Other useful dashboards to do deep dives that are easily accessible from the right-click menu are the Top Depositors dashboards. The Top Depositors dashboards allow you to get more granular insight about the wallets that are depositing into the pools. This lets you get an understanding of the distribution in the pool amongst its users as well as track flows from the top users.  

Top WETH Depositors into Uniswap Pool: USDC - WETH

Another underrated feature that our tables have is the filter function. If you have a specific token or pool in mind, you can quickly search for it via the filter button on the top right corner of the relevant table. Beyond filtering via token/pool names, you are able to filter using any metric included in the columns of the table. This helps to reduce the noise and surface pools that you are interested in.


These two tables are just the first set of many tables and dashboards that we aim to offer for our DeFi power users out there. We’ve enriched data found in leading DeFi discovery tools with our labels to help you better assess the quality and reliability of various pools. They also help to surface opportunities that you might have missed but have been popular amongst Smart Money addresses. 

While DeFi Paradise is only available for VIP and Alpha customers at this point in time, we have tons of dashboards available for free for our Nansen Lite subscribers. 

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