Month in Review: November 2021

Month in Review: November 2021

Our team has been working hard in November and we are pleased to report yet another month of amazing updates, so without further ado, let's dive right in!

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Nansen Explorers,

What a month! With November behind us, let’s look back on another amazing couple weeks worth of updates and see what’s coming next. As always, thank you for allowing us to do what we do best. Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

User Metrics

Our Black Friday 24H Flash Sale was a huge success! It was our most successful marketing campaign ever, as many users took advantage of the discounted rate and secured a Nansen subscription for an entire year! Perhaps it was the Pudgy Penguin giveaway that attracted the masses, or one of our numerous new blockchain support announcements. One thing is certain, our Nansen Explorers are prepared to surface the signal no matter the market conditions. Don't miss out on next year's Black Friday sale!

Product Updates

Usability Improvements

The Core Product team has been hard at work introducing new usability improvements, namely the navigation bar which has been migrated from the header to the left hand side. Not only does this provide a more visually appealing look, it lays the ground for future feature enhancements.

Users can now collapse the entire left hand navigation menu, for more visual real estate!

Another improvement rolled out this past month was adding the ability to copy wallet addresses and link out to etherscan directly from Wallet Profiler. This functionality has been incorporated into a handy drop down menu that can be accessed currently on the Wallet Profiler dashboard, as shown below. 

Smart Money is getting Smarter

Last month, the team rolled out some major improvements to the Smart Money logic, added four new Smart Money segments for NFTs, and introduced a new NFT Smart Money tab. 

This means you’ll notice a couple changes:

  • The dashboard has had a major facelift
  • All references to smart buyers, notable buyers and legendary, epic rare buyers are now just NFT Smart Money and their associated segment. 
  • We have also reduced some unneeded information (and will continue to do so) so the tables are clear and concise, which optimises the tables for the new left hand navigation menu.

The four new Smart Money segments for NFTs:

Smart NFT Trader - The top 100 addresses in terms of NFT profits and top 100 addresses based on our internal trader score metric. Profits for traders are calculated by looking at the realized ETH gains from NFT sales, minus the cost spent on gas and purchasing of NFTs. Note that the cost here includes all purchases, even those the address has not yet sold

Smart NFT Hodler - The top 100 addresses in terms of NFT estimated profits and top 100 addresses based on our internal hodler score metric. Profit for hodlers are calculated by taking the estimated portfolio value of the NFTs the address is currently holding, minus the cost spent on purchasing the NFTs currently being held

Smart NFT Early Adopter - The top 100 addresses that have invested in selected blue-chip projects before a specified date and are still holding an NFT from the project. The ranking is based on the number of these blue-chip projects the address is still hodling in and the estimated portfolio value

Smart NFT Minter - The top 100 addresses that have at least ≥ 5x profits on multiple collections that were minted in the last 60 days. Addresses are ranked by the number of collections that have been multi-baggers for them, followed by realized profit within said timeframe

Smart Alert Improvements

Smart Alerts Re-Formatting - Notification formatting has been revamped. Now Nansen provides clearer, more descriptive and completely actionable smart alerts allowing you to dive right into the signal. 

Smart Alerts for NFT’s, just the beginning.

We recently rolled out an enhancement to our Smart Alerts function. You can now create Smart Alerts for NFT’s at the macro and micro level for either transactions or minting.

What does that mean? Well, now you set ‘NFT’s only’ as the token type for your Smart Alert. This means that your Smart Alert will only be for ERC-721 tokens, allowing you to filter out the noise of ERC-20 tokens. We now offer two NFT specific event types: transactions (both trading and transfers) and minting. You can customize your Smart Alert for one type of event or both!

You could stop there, enable and save your alert and get macro level alerts on the event types you set. However, you could also take it one step further and customize your filter to specific projects, addresses, or labels. The choice is yours!

Finally, choose your notification method, enable the alert, and save. Now, sit back and wait for the signal to come to you.

Marketing Updates

In the Media

Asia One
SG Blockchain Day 2021 Paves the Way for Vibrant Local Blockchain Ecosystem

SHIB Slumps as Large Holders Take Profits

Coin Rivet
Is Facebook’s Meta project a cry for help?

Blockchain analytics service Nansen to incorporate DeFi protocol Arbitrum

Nansen to Add Solana to Popular NFT, DeFi Analytics Platform

Forkast News
Solana Breakpoint 2021 celebrates price ATH, technology and projects to come on the emerging blockchain

SPECIAL REPORT-From crypto to Christie's: How an Indian metaverse king made his fortune

Rolling Stone 
How Four NFT Novices Created a Billion-Dollar Ecosystem of Cartoon Apes

Real Estate Could Be Outflanked By Other Investment Assets: Nansen CEO

Yahoo! Finance
Wolf Game NFTs Spark Frenzy with Sales of $52M in Five Days

Coming up in December

Here’s what you can expect to see in next month’s update:

  • More supported blockchains - Avalanche, Celo, Ronin, BSC (further supported with new dashboards)
  • New Dashboards - gm Digest, Bridge Builder
  • NFT Enhancements - Support for Floor Prices, Rarity Profiler
  • Sharable referral links - Invite your friends to earn free Nansen!

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