Nansen’s Quarterly Update: Nansen 2, Query, and Ecosystem

Nansen’s Quarterly Update: Nansen 2, Query, and Ecosystem

An overview of all Nansen's product updates in Q4 2023, across Nansen 2, Nansen Query, and new chains integrated.

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At Nansen, your success is what drives us. We are dedicated to delivering data insights that are not only timely, accurate, and actionable, but also readily accessible. 

Our team has been working hard over the past few months to develop these exciting updates. Are you ready to explore what's new? Let's dive in.

Nansen 2 

Crypto investors often struggle with multiple tools to surface alpha. Nansen 2 offers a 100x improvement in the speed of our product, innovative new features such as Signals and Smart Segments, and the power to track everything onchain in one place.

Effortless Speed

Search anything on Nansen by pressing CMD+K or simply by asking a question. Get in-depth metrics about any token, NFT, wallet, or entity in a single click. 

Experience seamless navigation across dashboards, now with load speeds 100x faster for your workflow. 

Surfacing The Signals

Signals showcase unique onchain activity spikes directly on your homepage as they occur. It offers a new way to explore unusual market movements, discover opportunities, or reduce your risks.

You can choose from 9 different Signal types using the filter to focus on the ones you prefer.

  • CEX Token Flow
  • Smart Money Token Flow
  • Smart Money NFT Mint Presence
  • Smart Money NFT Mint
  • NFT Volume
  • NFT Mint Volume
  • DEX Token Flow
  • Fresh Wallets Flow
  • Top Balances Change

During our Nansen 2 launch live stream, we utilized our Signals feature to discover OLAS trading at $2.39. At the time of this writing, OLAS peaked at $8.47, a 3.3x increase in just a couple of weeks.

Do note that Signals can indicate potential market trends but should not be the sole basis for trading decisions as they are not guaranteed predictors of price action.

Use Smart Segments to Curate Your “Alpha” Wallets

Smart Segments is a powerful feature that enables you to set conditions and group wallets to highlight their asset holdings and onchain movements, so you can surface and track crypto/NFT wallets that matter to you.

For example, Nelson has created a Smart Segment of ‘UNIBOT <> PEPE SM’ on 2 conditions: 

  • Holds > 1,000 UNIBOT
  • Holds > 1,000,000 PEPE 

There are 17 wallets that match the criteria, and they are dynamic. This means if their holdings change, the list of wallets will update accordingly.

Once the Smart Segment is created, you can use it as a filter in dashboard tables. For instance, use the 'Name by Smart Segment' filter in the 'Balances' table in Token God Mode.

Select the Smart Segment that you've created and hit "save". 

The table will now display only the information from your selected Smart Segment in Token God Mode to narrow down your focus. 

On your Smart Segments page, you can also visit the Profiler on the right to view an aggregate view of the wallets. 

Here, you'll find comprehensive details of the Smart Segment's total holdings, associated counterparties, and their transactions.

Supercharged Features You Love

Profiler and Token God Mode, two favorites among our users, have leveled up in Nansen 2. Exploring data insights on any address, entity, or token has become simpler and more powerful. 


Nansen Profiler provides almost everything you need to know about a wallet or entity, and now also shows a collective view of Smart Segments you've created or various ‘Alpha’ labels curated by our team.

Just press 'CMD+K' or click on 'Nansen Profiler' under Profiler in the left navigation menu.

It works seamlessly across all integrated EVM chains, and you can also select individual chains to analyze further.

For wallet or entity analysis, we're the only one offering a detailed historical portfolio breakdown by tokens, so you can easily track the changing values of various tokens in the portfolio over time.

You can also explore Counterparties, and track Transactions using a new activity heatmap. Click on a day or filter by a specific time period to dig deeper.

Token God Mode

Token God Mode offers an in-depth analysis of the market players involved with the token you're investigating. For insights on these specific aspects, Token God Mode is your go-to resource:

  • Who are the Smart Money holding this token?
  • Who has recently bought or sold this token?
  • What is the distribution of this token? 
  • What percentage of the token is in the staking pool? 
  • What is the exchange flow of this token? 

Selecting the chain of the token you are analyzing is just one-click away, and you have the flexibility to switch between various chains directly from the token's dashboard.

A very useful new table we’ve introduced is ‘Who Bought?’ As the name suggests, this allows you to view the top buyers and sellers of the token you're analyzing, along with the amount they've traded in the last 24 hours or the past week. Toggle to show if there are any Smart Money trades.

In the 'Balances' table, we've introduced an option that allows you to view aggregated data grouped under the same entity, in addition to individual addresses.

Your Nansen, Your Rules

Now you can easily create and manage your own dashboard on Nansen by saving tables and charts that you’d like to check frequently. 

You can also use filters to only see the data or labels you're most interested in. When you pin a table, your filters are saved too. You can change these filters anytime from 'My Dashboard'.

More than just 'My Dashboard', explore other customizable features like Custom Labels, Watchlists, and Smart Alerts for an enhanced experience and streamlined workflow.

💡For a more in-depth Nansen 2 product guide and use cases, be sure to check out our Academy here


Nansen Query's latest update tackles the complexities of onchain data analysis, offering faster, tailored, and streamlined solutions for your crypto team’s data needs.

Organized Datasets for Enhanced Discoverability: Our datasets are now thoughtfully categorized for a comprehensive view, enhancing discoverability, and helping you and your team to fully utilize our extensive data resources.

Table Previews for Increased Clarity: One-click to immediately understand table contents, enabling more accurate and efficient query structuring and faster data extraction.

Refined Search and Filters for Focused Analysis: With over 20 chains in Nansen Query, sifting through vast amounts of data is now simpler. Enhanced search and chain-specific filters let you quickly find key datasets.


Linea and Base

We’ve integrated both Linea and Base in Nansen 2 Profiler and Token God Mode. 

In Profiler, you can easily select either chain from the top right dropdown menu to dive into a wallet or entity’s token portfolio, counterparties, and transactions.

In Token God Mode, simply search the token name and select it from the supported chain, for instance, AXL on Base, or KNC on Linea, to view detailed token information including DEX Trades, Who Bought/Sold, Top Transactions, Balances, Exchanges, and Smart Money activities. 


The Near ecosystem dashboard is available to all, including Free users! To access it from Nansen 2, navigate to "Macro" in the menu, then click on "Blockchains", and select "Near” on the page. 

Here, you can explore Near's historical data, including daily active addresses and transaction counts. Notably, Near's daily active addresses hit a milestone of 1 million in mid-December 2023 and have fluctuated between 600,000 to 1.8 million thereafter. Additionally, its daily transactions surged to 14 million on December 1, 2023, and have consistently remained above 3 million since the start of 2024.

You can also discover the top NEAR projects based on users and transactions. Kaikai leads the pack with a remarkable 5.7 million 7-day users and more than 10.6 million transactions. Following closely is Sweat, with nearly 423,000 7-day users and 2.3 million transactions.

Concluding this update, we're excited for 2024! Expect more chain integrations and expanded ecosystem coverage. Nansen 2 will evolve with innovative and comprehensive features, enhancing data insights for all crypto enthusiasts. Cheers to a year of new opportunities and a prosperous journey in the crypto world! 🚀

We’d love to hear your thoughts! If you have any feedback or suggestions about our product, feel free to share them with us right here.


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