What's New? November 2022

What's New? November 2022

Discover the latest product updates and Nansen-powered research released in November 2022!

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GM Explorers! We’ve been busy building! Here’s a look at all the latest and greatest from the team at Nansen, including:

  • Product Updates → new dashboards and features and where to find them!
  • Research Highlights → Nansen-exclusive Alpha from the best research team in the game.

Product Updates

Exchange Reserves (Standard)

Quickly review the proof of reserves for major exchanges, including Binance, OKX, Crypto.com and more.

Fresh Wallets (VIP)

See recently created wallets with high token volume activity. Use filters to adjust wallet age and turn on/off views for stablecoins and CEXes. Keep an eye as Smart Money, Funds, and Exchanges deposit into fresh wallets and identify new opportunities.

Token God Mode updates (Standard)

  • New value cards: Quickly view key Token info → Exchange Token Balance, Total Supply on Exchanges, 🤓 Netflow to Exchanges (7D), and Max CEX Deposit (24H)
  • Top Exchange Depositors and Withdrawers: See which wallets deposit / withdraw the most Tokens to Exchanges and the Wallets Total Netflows for 24H and 7D.

Blur Marketplace added to NFT dashboards (Standard)

Are you a fan of Blur Marketplace? Good news, we’ve added them to our NFT dashboards!

“Exclude Addresses” added to Smart Alerts (Standard)

Want to exclude noisy addresses that might be involved in market-making / delta-neutral strategies? Now you can.

New Research Highlights

The standout report from November covered the events over at Alameda and FTX. Beyond that our team of analysts produced dozens of reports brimming with Alpha — here’s a look at the highlights:

  1. The Collapse of Alameda and FTX All
  2. ZkSync: the aAnswer to Ethereum Scaling VIP
  3. What are Early Bridgers Doing On-Chain? Alpha
  4. Analysis of the Top Virtual Real Estate Investors: Millionaires, Top Flippers, Smart Holders, and Owner Distribution Labels Alpha
  5. What are ETH ICO Recipients Doing? All

See you in 2023 🚀

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