What’s New? October 2022

What’s New? October 2022

Discover the latest product updates and Nansen-powered research released in October 2022!

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GM Explorers! Welcome to the inaugural edition of What’s New? — where we’ll showcase the latest and greatest updates from across the Nansen ecosystem in one simple monthly roundup, including:

  • Product Updates → new dashboards and features and where to find them!
  • Research Highlights → Nansen-exclusive Alpha from the best research team in the game

Let’s go!

Product Updates

NFT Sales Floor Alerts (Standard)

Track price movements on your favourite NFT collections easier than ever with this new Smart Alert. Set your target value and receive automatic alerts on Telegram, Slack, or Discord. The alert tracks the lowest price an NFT has been sold for recently after removing outliers and runs hourly.

NFT Sales Floor Alerts add to Nansen’s comprehensive suite of products for NFT investors — including NFT God Mode, Mint Master, NFT Sniper, Rarity Profiler, and more.

Exchange Flows (Standard)

Track market movements and see the largest inflows/outflows into/from CEXes. View dedicated dashboards for All Wallets and 🤓 Smart Money wallets. A very timely addition given the news around FTX!

Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet Auth (All)

In October we added additional wallet authentication with Wallet Connect and Coinbase Wallet compatibility across the entire Nansen ecosystem — Nansen Analytics, Nansen Portfolio, and Connect.

Connect (All)

Every token a community, every wallet an identity!

The future of Web3-powered messaging and communities is now open to all and we can’t wait to have you join the conversation! Here’s a look at some of the features the Connect team have added in just the last six weeks:

  • 📣 Smart Alerts in Connect channels
  • 🔒 Hardware wallet support
  • 🧙 Improved community moderation tools
  • 👾 Giphy and markdown support
  • 🎯 Nansen labels in user profiles (including 🤓 Smart Money!)
  • 🍿 Nansen analytics in user profiles
  • 💬 Community creation for all

NFT Sniper & Price Estimator (Standard)

Now available to Standard users after early release to VIP+! Powered by our new Price Estimator machine learning model, now you can discover undervalued listings, get individual NFT price estimates, and view trait-specific price estimates.

Polygon NFTs (All)

We were thrilled to announce NFT support for Polygon in October! Covering over 390K collections, incl. Reddit Collectible Avatars, so you can use on-chain data for actionable insights. NFT Market Overview and Trends dashboards are both available now for everyone.

Token Distribution (Standard)

You can now view segmented token ownership held by different categories of users (CEX, DEX, Bridge, Lending Pool, Fund, Staking Pool, and Smart Money) across all your favourite ERC-20 tokens in Token God Mode!

Source: Nansen Token God Mode for Sushi Token

New Research Highlights

Our dedicated team of Research Analysts were busy last month — dropping 82 pieces of unique Nansen-powered research alongside countless AMAs, office hours, and other Alpha initiatives. Visit the Research Portal to catch up on what you’ve missed!

  1. “What are Early GMX Stakers Doing?” Alpha
  2. OG DeFi Protocols: An Update VIP+
  3. Fuel: A Fresh Approach To Scaling Blockchains VIP+
  4. Osmosis: The DeFi App-chain Hub VIP+
  5. **On-chain Analysis Of Smart Money Blue-chip NFT Holders** Alpha

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